Version 2.94_17003_memrise lags after passed task

Phone Samsung A3 model SM-A300F.
Android 5.0.2

Yesterday the memrise was updated to the version 2.94_17003_memrise.
And I got a long delay after every task because the software lags a lot after every task. It makes learning unconfotable. I read that new version has new download module, so I suppose that this revision makes the lag. Please help how to get previous version.

I’m seeing this happening on the website (Decks), too, but only when typing answers using Chinese characters.

The app was updated to version 2.94_17117_memrise, but result the same, I am getting a lot of lags.
Do you know, can I return money for my subscribtion?

I have the same problems with Samsung S9 and version 2.94_17285_memrise. The learning due the lags is not possible.