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I am at the beginning of Italian 3, and I really love the conjunctions added with regard to “Andare” (vado, vai, va etc). I would LOVE it if all the common Italian verbs were introduced this way, because repetition is the ONLY way I learn. An “Italian Verb” category would be awesome in helping my studies. Maybe further along in Italian 3 and 4 this happens? I’m just at the beginning.

Hi @Diamondlover ,

Have a look on the web for other Italian courses then do a search for “verbs”.
Here is a direct link for you :arrow_down: .

Memrise - Italian - Courses for English speakers

Ask if you wasn’t any suggestions.

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Thank you very much

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Just in case you don’t know, @Diamondlover, once you start a course on the web you can go to the app, just pull down to refresh your list, and your new Community course will be at the top.

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