Various issues: answers the same; no meaning pop-up; no audio after answer Speedreview


I’ve stumbled upon a few issues since I started (again) to learn Russian on Memrise.
Apart from the hint issue regarding which I’ve already made a post and the streak issues that keep on happening, there are a few more:

  • once in “Learn with locals” all (4) answers were the same, the correct one;
  • sometimes when the native speaks in “Learn with locals” something in Russian and I have to choose an answer from the list, if he said it in Russian and I have to choose a Russian answer, most of the time there is no pop-up regarding what it meant in English, and since I’m learning there are a few times that I’m not sure what was that all about, but when the pop-up appears it is the literal translation of what that person said and it goes to the next one in 1 second;
  • in normal learning mode if the voice says something in Russian and the answers are what it said also in Russian, most of the time there is no English pop-up for me to be sure what it meant in case I don’t remember and when the pop-up appears, after 1 second it goes to the next exercise so I can’t always read everything;
  • when I have to type in what the voice said in Russian, after I get it right there is no pop-up regarding what it meant, this also can be annoying since I can’t remember everything as easy as the app wants me to;
  • in Speed Review there is nobody speaking the answer after getting it right (I remember this used to happen a while back, I was using Memrise on an Android then), also it would be nice to have a little more time when the topic and all the answers are a few words long. I know it’s a speed review and I don’t consider myself a slow reader, but sometimes I just have to blindly choose something because I didn’t have enough time to get through everything.

Most of these could be fixed by adding options if we want translations or not, or if we want to go to the next scenario after a delay or by clicking a “Next” button so we can properly understand what was that all about.

I hope all of you are good and safe and that things will improve with the app, because these issues happen all the time and it’s annoying.

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Is this about the course made by Memrise? Then there is a special topic for questions about that specific course (it’s a bit confusingly called a ‘course forum’). This is the link to the Russian by Memrise: [Course Forum] Russian 1 - 7 by Memrise

If it’s another course, you can post the link here and see if somebody knows about it.

I can confirm all points except for the “Learn with locals” showing all the same answers (fine here, I’m on EN-RU, 3rd course).
@MemriseSupport / @JBorrego: can you comment on this, please? These problems are not limited to Russian but also show up in other courses/languages, with both different source and target languages.

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Hey, the one with all 4 answers the same happened only once.

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I don’t believe this problems are language related, but app-as-a-whole related. :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying. You just happened to be learning Russian when you noticed the issues. Hope Memrise answers back.

Anyway, you reported 5 issues, so I have updated the title to make it more descriptive. Actually, it’s better to report one issue per topic if they don’t seem to be related, and seem not to have the same (root) cause.

The clarify:
Issue 3, and 4: are they all during Classic Review?
You are using iOS right? iPhone? Do you know which app version? I suppose you installed the latest.

Issue 5: Confirmed: No audio after correct answer in Speed Review: I tested it: confirmed, no audio after correct answer. I am using the Android App, a self-made course with audio, downloaded to phone. This suggest that somehow the bug is much wider than iOS.

PS: I noticed that some audio in the course is distorted: so fast I can’t understand it. But other items are fine. A problem from the migrations?