Variable Speed Review timer now on Android for official courses

We have introduced a variable timer on Speed Review for official Memrise courses on Android.

Users will now get the following amount of time to answer Speed Review tests:

  • For words/sentences with fewer than 20 characters → 6 seconds
  • For words/sentences with between 20-30 characters → 7 seconds
  • For words/sentences with more than 30 characters → 8 seconds

Let us know if you see any problems! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much, the Memrise team! This little change is very caring.

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Apart from the fact that Speed Reviews on my Android 10 tablet still only give me 4s (regardless of char-count): what count is being considered - the count of characters in the answer and/or the question?
Both can be quite lengthy, but very often the answer is quite short but the question is very long (particularly in courses with several thousand words).

Does this apply to both official Memrise courses and community courses?

Hi Olaf, this is just for official courses right now so you may not see it on your courses.
Thanks for flagging this confusion- both the question and the answer must have the required number of characters to be given extra time.


yes, I know. To clarify: I’m currently working on your official courses for Turkish 1, Italian 7, Spanish 7, Russian 5 and Swedish 7 and the 4s applies to all those courses. OTOH, I get 6s for all community based courses. All on my Lenovo tablet with Android 10.
It’s different on my Samsung Galaxy S10e with Android 11 - there, the available time varies in official Memrise courses.

Also, again just for clarity, one can easily distinguish the “new and old” speed reviews: the new version (for official courses, available with Android 8 or later, if I’m not mistaken) shows a fading background when the 3-2-1 countdown appears; the same screen is black when doing a SR in a community course.

Thanks for clarifying! Please could you send us or attach a video of a Speed Review session for one of the official courses on your tablet? We’re struggling to reproduce this.


I’ve observed the behaviour over the last few days. It seems that it’s now working for most of the courses. I do have the feeling that it’s still not working for Turkish 1 SRs. This is the first course I work on during my daily sessions, could that be the reason?
I’ll continue to keep an eye on this.

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Doing this as your first session shouldn’t affect it (and we’ve not experienced this ourselves). Do let us know if you spot it again.