Using Memrise in education - a paper on using ICT to support students' acquisition and use of second language lexis

I originally wrote this paper in September 2012 as part of my teacher training. It mostly focuses on Memrise and how it can be used in an educational context. It might of use to other educators who use or think about using Memrise.

The PDF is available at

Information and communication technologies (ICT) can be employed to provide learners with effective strategies that allow them to maximize their autonomy outside of the classroom. This includes issues of self-evaluation, aspects of learner motivation and effects on students’ reward mechanisms. I will consider how ICT can support the autonomous development of students’ lexical skills, their awareness of lexical chunks and correct use of items in various linguistic contexts. To this effect, I will analyse the results of long-term evaluation relating to knowledge, synthesis, accuracy, pronunciation and fluency. These are intrinsically linked to the impact of vocabulary learning strategies on long-term memory, the effectiveness of mnemonics designed to engage multiple intelligences and students’ ability to progress from passive to active lexis. Finally, I want to consider to what extent ICT can be used to create a community of practice marked by peer-evaluation, creativity and intrinsic motivation.

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I’d say most of what I wrote in 2012 still is. Some mechanics on Memrise have changed, and the period when “Decks” was a thing caused a lot of upheaval, but that’s over.
I’m still using Memrise with my classes by the way.

It’s very cool and very useful.

well done! thx for this thread

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