[USERSCRIPT REQUEST] "Auto Accept" re-engineered for alternative sentence answers/word synonyms - pairing with (slow) Memrise Turbo script but audio in-sync with question

Hello all script gods, Hello @cooljingle, Hello @MemriseSupport @MemriseMatty @Joshua

Who shall we invite further?

What do we have right now on the web portal?

    1. Memrise default “Auto accept”: missing alternatives/synonyms, but with audio in-sync with the previous question (finished correct answer)
    1. User script to turn OFF the default “Auto accept” - overwriting the BIND
    1. “Auto correct” for easier writing accents/diacritics (very useful for strict-typing courses)
    1. Memrise Turbo script: may have better support for synonyms (I have not tried in greater detail - who can confirm?) but obviously does not provide audio in-sync with the current question after you get the answer right (there is no wait, hence the name Turbo).

I am coming from this thread:

  • I can use the 3) Turbo script for single word courses.

  • For courses with contained phrases/full sentences I do not want to fast switch to the next question when my answer was right (marked green), see the next longer text from the next question but hear the audio from the previous answer out-of-sync.

The dilemma with Memrise’s own implemented “Auto accept” code:
Alternative sentences and word synonyms are not always auto accepted.
I have to hit the ENTER hotkey manually quite often.

I) I would love to see the default “Auto accept” code being bug fixed by Memrise staff or re-engineered and improved by a user script god for appropriately (auto-)accepting alternatives/synonyms and a really working auto-jumping mode to the next question when my answer was in fact 100% right as I do not want to speed cycle thru (difficult) questions.
When the green highlighting logic suddenly does not work, I get often confused with the valid alternatives, if I should try another solution (e.g definition has missing synonyms, sentence written in another way) or be forced to hit the ENTER hotkey.
Interestingly, this audio thing from “Auto accept” works for me and several courses (e.g PT1-7, PT BR Basic, 50languages, etc.) much better than with the Turbo script! (there is wait/sync).

II) I want to have the question-answer in-sync with the audio play when my answer is accepted (I do not care for the waiting time; in fact I want to read the (longer) sentence in parallel when hearing the audio).

Funny question:
III) Is there maybe a slow modus or quick code patch available for the “Turbo script” when the answer to the question is a phrase or a longer sentence (if it maybe completely has alternative word definitions/synonyms checking implemented)?

IV) Can we modify the Turbo script so it FAST jumps to the next question only for single words but uses the SLOW jumping (wait + audio sync) for longer phrases/sentences?

I am curious to hear @cooljingle’s opinion as you have been making the one or other change to the Turbo script in your Github repository and I saw a comment from you here that Memrise staff has taken over (partly) this “Auto accept-correct-answer” idea from this script: [wiki] All the Userscripts

It feels to me the idea is good (I could use this concept e.g for PT BR Basic + PT BR 1-7 courses), but somehow one important aspect has been missing for the first draft of implementation?!?

I hope the one or another advanced user, programmer or leader developer from the Memrise team joins this thread.

Maybe there are other workarounds (plz without any multiple-choice!) to improve my reviewing typing sessions but to improve the correctness rate.

I have to admit that several completed Memrise courses are currently suspended by me (e.g included sentences), as reviewing them with “all typing” is quite time consuming and “Overdueness” support is not given, to catch-up with the SR intervals if I would still know the answers after pausing them for several months.

Thanks for all your ideas and tips.

Best regards / Viele Grüße

UPDATED: 10/27/2018 16:49 Uhr as I got “Auto accept” vs “Auto correct” wrong in the first paragraph :wink:


@cooljingle @memrisesupport @memrisematty @Joshua

Here in another request for a bugfix / change for the default Memrise “Auto accept” or a new custom user script to optimize the default behaviour.

I can give you a script modification to make the turbo script only run on inputs without spaces.

Line 51
if (s === 1)
can be changed to
if (s === 1 && v.split(' ').length > 1)

I have found an older issue I had with the word definition with the current implemention of “Auto accept”.