[Userscript] Memrise Infinite Learning

Script has just been fixed, latest is 0.0.10 - https://github.com/cooljingle/memrise-infinite-learning/blob/master/README.md



Hi Cooljingle,

there is a new bug in the Memrise system after their latest update with your infinite learning user script V0.0.10 (I encountered it about 2-3 days ago).

My Portuguese BR 1 course got my attention, that ALL words are repeatingly reviewed, even the review interval is set to 66 days or more.
There is no STOP!
If I get the watering words right, I can collect up to 150 points. If I give a wrong answer, the Memrise interval is not touched but stays to the original next standard interval set (I checked it level wise for the current word to be reviewed).

Background informations:

  • have a finished course with e.g 198 / 300 or more words
  • have only a subset e.g 67 words to review / water
  • set Memrise review words to 100
  • set infinite learning user script to be activated, so it polls new (100) words after the end of the session

How I reproduced the bug:

  • as soon as I (blue) water all outstanding 67 words, your script will poll for the next 100 words and display in the screen bar: 167 words
  • after you have completed the next batch, the script will again poll the next words, e.g 198 words (PT BR 1 has 198 words in total)
  • once you complete the reviewing of the rest up to 198, the script will NOT stop but poll for the next batch even the course has a physical end of 198.

The really weird thing:

  • Memrise does NOT acknowledge anymore, that those words currently being reviewed have been reviewed already and that the review interval is NOT set to “Now”.
  • because of this, you can collect normal (blue) review points (up to 150).
  • Memrise does not detect “over watering”
  • Memrise does not touch it’s review interval for wrong answers (e.g 4h, 12h/24h) in my user DB

The Memrise API is IMHO completely broken with your script version 0.0.10.
The infinite learning script version before did NOT successfully poll for new words (even there have been many more words in the backlog than 100).

I would like to suggest to re-test it with those offical Memrise courses which have only 198 or 350 words, so you can test the end / out-of-boundary completed-course situations.

I do think that the Memrise review script and API is completely broken after their last update :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

With best regards from Germany


Thanks for letting me know - I’ve fixed the script (v0.0.11).

Additionally the script should work better with the Auto Learn script (previously, the session would end if you auto-learned the last item; now it should keep going).


Memrise has made another update to their scripts or API.

V0.0.11 was working fine until ~1 day before.

New version (with topic) V0.0.12 is not working (I am not sure if I had tested it before).
Double-checking by manually rolling back to older raw V0.0.11 version proofed it is neither working anymore.

Both versions stuck at the end of the screen (e.g 100, 5 words to review) and can not poll new words. The screen is frozen.

The good news: It is still working to press on the left numbers in the header show the “end of the session” summary screen.

Would you mind explaining a little bit the V0.0.12 changes “support autolearn over a whole topic” and what they mean for the topic / auto learn?

Do you mean infinitive learning on grouped (filtered) language courses with the big blue button, where it polls words from ALL listed courses, under the same language?

Or has it really something to do to auto learn a full level (DuoLingo skill/topic) instead of a single word?

Thanks for letting me know.

I should have said whole course rather than whole topic - I had found an issue where if you are in a learning session (i.e. planting) over a whole course and you autolearn the last item on a level, with this script on it would end the session instead of continuing on with the next level, which the update should address.

There was a memrise update shortly after which then broke the script. I’ve fixed it now so latest should now be working (0.0.13).

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Hi Cooljingle,

V0.0.13 looks better as it can poll again new words in the single session, when I forced it with the “5 words for review” method (also was working with 100 words).

I think V0.0.13 still has a smaller bug:
If you finish a 100 review sesson and there are no new words to poll from, the screen hangs.
It does not poll anymore for (not-available) words, but it neither does actively end the session.

The summary number screen is not shown and you have to manually click on the top “100 words” number in the header, to end the review session.

As I said: Just a minor little bug. I can already workaround with it :slight_smile:

You’re right, I’ve fixed the script to not get stuck like that (0.0.14)

I often do very long sessions of 100 items or even a few hundreds per session. I would like to request a button that when pressed will end the session normally and will stop loading new items, as it sometimes can be, quite literally, infinite and then you lose viewing your stats at the end, if you don’t have the time or will to finish it.

I think there already is one! Try clicking on the number of words to learn :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the tip! I wasn’t aware of it. Under my nose this all time. :astonished:

Yeah, you are a “developer beast” adding cool features like this :slight_smile:

github Homepage README: “I have added a shortcut to the end of session screen in case you want to end the session prematurely and want to review your stats; to trigger it just click on the the number representing how many items you are learning for the session.”

Maybe not completely DAU-proof (“Dümster anzunehmender User”): It also took me a while to configure this out…

Maybe add your screenpage to the homepage and make a “red bold circle” around the “words learned number”? :slight_smile:

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Hello, I am very confused on how to use this. Could you please explain what exactly this script does and how to make it work since I have installed the script using tampermonkey but nothing is happening on Memrise.

Thank you!

I’ll quote from the readme:

With the script enabled the learning session will continue until there is nothing left to review/learn of items relevant to that session.

So if a course has 200 words to review and your settings are to review 100 words per session, after finishing your first 100 the next 100 words will then be loaded as part of that session.

Once the script is installed it should just work.

Don’t forget to mention the “infinite learning” of e.g 70 words in a level, where your learning setting is 15.

Hi all.

The script does not work for me. I am using chrome and tapermoneky. script version 15. Hovering the “number” in the top bar does not do anything, also the sessions do not keep loading even if there are still content to load.

I tried deactivating all the other scripts but it is still not working. Also, I water using the category button.

Thanks @cooljingle for your scripts and chrome extension, it’s helping a lot improving the memrise experience for us.


I miss the numbers in the top left corner and that I can not actively end the session before I have completed 100 words.

With one of the recent Memrise code changes on the web portal (something with re-structure of finer-grained modules where several (global) variables can not be accessed anymore) this script AFAIK does not work anymore, sorry.

I have it disabled for a longer time…actually this is quite sad.

We lost so much with all of the last 2-3 web updated…we gained so less.

But I truly miss Cooljingle’s “Overdueness” user script “Catch-Up Review” even more!