[Userscript] Memrise Garden Theme

Hi all.

For all the fellow adepts of the holy church of disgruntled landscapers, I present a usable version of the Garden Theme userscript. The code is still spaghetti so I am releasing it on an ‘It Just Works™’ basis.


  1. Artwork
    I don’t have the original tree/mountain/cloud artwork featured throughout the previous design. I am not a graphics guy and recreating it from screenshots will take some time. If someone has it or can easily create it, I’d appreciate it. Fortunately, I did create something for the home page which consists of a hundred copies of external gifs/pngs obnoxiously rammed into the DOM tree (genius, right) to create a cute little half finished landscape. (I will substitute this mess with a single image a little later)


  1. What’s not covered:
  • Original forest artwork (mentioned above)
  • Various icons used throughout the website: I don’t have the patience to recolor/replace them all at the moment
  • ‘Difficult Words’ and ‘Listening’ sessions. I don’t have access to those pages. I cancelled my subscription when the wise people at Memrise gave us the beach theme.
  • Various ‘buy premium’ pages
  • Memrise landing page (too much yellow beach for my landscaper brain to handle and who cares anyway)
  • Forums. It kind of works but there is a small script on Memrise end that turns the logo back to the beach theme. Will fix it later.
  1. Only tested on Chrome based browsers.

  2. How to install:

  1. Bugs, Problems, and Discussions
    If you find bugs or problems (which you will), make sure to contact me on DISCORD for a quick response: https://discord.gg/xh8Hr7

  2. The memrise team is preparing a huge update to the UI
    Yes. Once that happens I will update the script as soon as possible to sensibly counter that.

The garden will live on brothers, the beach inquisition will not succeed


Thanks, man! I’ve installed it, really nice theme.

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