[Userscript] Memrise Auto Learn

(Geil) #43

off topic but the force multiple choice is broke on chrome for me.

(Cooljingle) #44

I’ve updated the script to include it as an option now (0.0.12).

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(Cooljingle) #45

You might want to consider putting a bigger setting in there

wow, 5000 learning events per day is pretty beastly - keep it up!

(Cooljingle) #46

Still seems to work fine for me, you can PM me with extra details if you would like me to take a closer look.

(Electric Angel) #47

Thanks A Lot. :sunglasses:

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(Dylan Nicholson 548) #49

Seems to have stopped working for me recently? In fact I’m not sure if it’s the plug-in but recently while learning terms I keep getting re-shown the words as though it’s the first time I’ve seen them.

(Thomas Heiss) #50

Hi @dylan.nicholson.548 @cooljingle

Auto-Learn V0.0.12 perfectly worked with Tampermonkey (latest) on Firefox (V52.9.0esr) for my user-created course https://www.memrise.com/course/702398/50-languages-brazilian-portuguese-no-typing/ and was able to fully plant 10 learning items.

I double-check all flower symbols at the summary after the session and they are fully planted.
Course overview of words also shows me that the new 10 words are fully planted and are due for review (watering) in 4-5 hours.

BTW: This was your related thread: Words re-introduced during revision

Words re-introduced during revision
(Cooljingle) #51

I’ve just tested on chrome and it seems to work fine still.


Thanks for making this @cooljingle! Really has helped me! Happy Memrising. :smile:

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(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #53

Have you seen @Nukemarine type HOLY BISUITS?
If they are holy then they must be chocolate digestives.

(Thomas Heiss) #54

Hi @cooljingle

I noticed new errors with “Auto learn” V0.0.12 and this course: https://www.memrise.com/course/692700/no-typing-prepositions-contractions-conjunctions/3/garden/learn

It crashed for me the first time (2nd try) after a few (8) words with F2 activated “Auto learn” on this 9th word:

  • nos
  • English translation: in the; on the; at the (masculine, plural)

After I resetted the whole level and disabled the “Auto learning retries” user script, the “Auto learn” now also crashes immediately after two words successfully (auto) learned on the 3rd entry:

  • da
  • English translation: of the; from the (feminine, singular)

After I restarted the “/garden/learn” session (because it was completely frozen) I could plant ALL (25) words for the level 3.

Indeed at the very first time I got the error on “nos” combined with the described error in the “Memrise learning retries” thread (two exception stack trackes, two for two scripts, which errors seem not to depend on each other!).

Console error exceptions:

TypeError: box.thinguser is null[Weitere Informationen]  eval line 2 > eval:130:25
	MEMRISE.garden.register</< moz-extension://0ae47eb2-9a98-49a8-bf05-561a74b06db8/userscript.html:130:25
	[24]</m<.deactivate https://static.memrise.com/learning/dist/js/learning-session-31ea512a7413.js:1:70559
	Class</<.inherit/r https://static.memrise.com/dist/js/libs-a4fd8e8bf113.js:1:267324
	[22]</l<.deactivate_box https://static.memrise.com/learning/dist/js/learning-session-31ea512a7413.js:1:57817
	[22]</l<.advance https://static.memrise.com/learning/dist/js/learning-session-31ea512a7413.js:1:57427
	[18]</g<.next_press/< https://static.memrise.com/learning/dist/js/learning-session-31ea512a7413.js:1:31669
	i/i.fn https://static.memrise.com/dist/js/libs-a4fd8e8bf113.js:1:158145
	h/i.id< https://static.memrise.com/dist/js/libs-a4fd8e8bf113.js:1:157934
	t https://static.memrise.com/dist/js/libs-a4fd8e8bf113.js:1:436024

User script code:

                    if(arguments[1] === 1) {
                        box.initialGrowthLevel = box.thinguser.growth_level;

It looks to me that Memrise staff has published again new web code updates in the past weeks.

Or is something very special with this user-created course which probably is set to “no typing” mode (according to the course description)?

Reviewing with typing all of the 25 words worked flawlessly!

Best regards / Viele Grüße

(Thomas Heiss) #55
TypeError: box.thinguser is null[Weitere Informationen] eval line 2 > eval:130:25
	MEMRISE.garden.register</< moz-extension://0ae47eb2-9a98-49a8-bf05-561a74b06db8/userscript.html:130:25
	[23]</m<.select_choice https://static.memrise.com/learning/dist/js/learning-session-31ea512a7413.js:1:63492
	[23]</m<.bind/< https://static.memrise.com/learning/dist/js/learning-session-31ea512a7413.js:1:61590
	S.event.dispatch https://static.memrise.com/dist/js/libs-a4fd8e8bf113.js:1:41420
	S.event.add/m.handle https://static.memrise.com/dist/js/libs-a4fd8e8bf113.js:1:39485

I got a slightly different stacktrace with the the “box.thinguser is null” error message when I started to plant NEW words with one (or more) of these three courses; I think it was the 5000 freq one as I have planted the first five levels (with some ignored words):

A described previously, the “auto learn” error happens most of the time when there is a normal multiple-choice question, I hit F2 and then press the number for the correct answer or select the correct box.

I am going carefully try again for those three new courses, if it sometimes also happens when I am in the typing process (free inbox text field).

(Olaf Rabbachin) #56

@cooljingle: Any chance that you could update your script so that it works with Decks? From what I can see, the only change required is to add https://decks.memrise.com/course/*/garden/learn* as a match.

I just did so manually and AutoLearn is working for me on Decks just as it was on Memrise. I’d prefer to keep with your original script though, not sure whether user matches survive an update.

For the time being, if anybody else would like to use Decks with AutoLearn:

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