[Userscript] Memrise Auto Learn


(Cooljingle) #1

I started learning some basic Italian recently and found myself wanting to auto learn certain words - I get that not is non, do I really have to go through 6 more screens in order to get this thing planted? Not any more!

Instructions and usage: https://github.com/cooljingle/memrise-auto-learn/blob/master/README.md

The script allows you to mark words for auto learn, which gets the word planted and skips later test screens for it in the learning session. See the readme for further details.

Happy learning!

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(Charles Applin35) #2

Holy biscuits! This is good. Thank you very, very much for this.

(Thomas Heiss) #3

This is really really cool! Many thanks for that. I was thinking about an option like that a longer time (and there was an example script which I could not find anymore - but it was for the whole level).

Especially for the Portuguese courses, where you are going to share the vocabulary between Memrise offical courses 1-7, PT BR Basic, PT BR DuoLingo over multiple courses, it is really really great to have a single word auto_learn option like this.

Would it be easier to have a big Auto_Learn green check button instead of a smaller select box? Is it important to use the normal green check box or could it work like the small “-” ignore button?
Anyways it’s great and already saves much time. Tried it today.
So that I have to use my mouse is not that big problem.

BTW: The “ignore” “i” hotkey does not work anymore for me where the word is introduced. Only the red “-” ignore icon still works.
Is it a new Memrise bug or may it be because of those many users scripts I am using (ignore “i” worked before nevertheless).

Best regards


(Albo2albo) #4

Great little script - works like a charm. Many thanks.

(Cooljingle) #5

Just put out an update (0.0.3) with a couple of improvements:

  • replaced the checkbox with something a little snazzier (see image below)
  • created a keyboard shortcut for it - set to F2 by default but can be configured

(Thomas Heiss) #6

Hi, icon looks good.
How do you place the icon in the code?

This is the layout with V0.0.3 when working with multiple-choice (learning new words).
Kinda confusing.

Is this (layouting) Memrise default code doing wrong or how could it be worked around manually?

(Cooljingle) #7

Thanks for this - turns out I had used a css property which worked in chrome but not firefox - should be fixed now (0.0.4).

(Thomas Heiss) #8

I already used the words auto learning with V0.0.4 and it worked quite good.

Does it always make sense to set “somehow known words” to be auto learned, especially when I know/heard those words in other courses, e.g
PT3 auto-learn (not the easiest) words which I heard in PT Basic or DuoLingo PT BR before?

I was thinking about an additional option where you can imediately jump to step 5 (and bypass multi-choice, tapping, audio) for learning the words and I would need to do the manual typing (user script memrise-alltyping) at least one time, before the flower got planted to step 6.

I would probably choose that 2nd option (step 4/5, 1-2 manual typings in learning mode required) if the word is NOT too easy (to confirm with the AUTO-LEARN planting step6) and I would NOT want to ignore the word completely therefore.

I would only ignore words I know really really well (from other courses or DuoLingo.com portal) and I would know that these still have to be reviewed in all other courses (or are on ignore there already).

So it’s just a middle step.

The other point which has been already asked on the forums:
Is there any way to use a test out in learning-mode with only focusing on manual typing / recalling?
I do not need that for learning Portuguese, but I could probably use that level/course wide for intermediate-advanced English courses.

Knowing the word one time (typing it in the text box) on step0->step1 moves it to step6.
But you have to know it correctly one time, otherwise you follow the normal step1->2->3->…step6 learning process (including multi-choice, tapping, audio, and finally at the end typing/recalling).

This could tremendously help me to find intermediate/advanced English courses and filter / learn vocabulary, which

  • I do not know 100% (not that easy)
  • testing out words/phrases level based
  • adding a 2nd layer before step6 and reviewing those words, which I am only 50-70/80% sure
    -> adding a typing step5(+6) might help to hammer those more difficult words into my head

Quite easy words I know well I would probably just IGNORE (omitting future word reviews), instead of setting those words to AUTO_LEARN.

I think I have no interest to use Memrise English courses and larger vocabulary lists (e.g advanced C1/C2 words, 5000 frequency, B1-B2 intermediate, etc.) if I can not test out and filter only the words, where I am really in the need of to learn / improve.

For one course which had no levels but only a hugh vocabulary database I used the global ignore feature, where you can select-/de-select words globally. It took ages too load that list…
But that does not help you for “testing out words/phrases” what you really know and what not.

The other fact is that it works only with this course-type.
Other courses which are structured level-wise are more time consuming to go into the level ignore list.
You have to do that for each level.
Usually I do not do that in that “ignore selection window” and I only use the word IGNORE function in the question test box pages when the word is presented the very first time.


(The Four Gated Danzig) #9

if @cooljingle somehow makes a functioning, quick auto-ignore, he gets all the likes. ALL THE LIKES!

(Cooljingle) #10

Just to check my understanding, in short you want:

  • Skip the presentation of a new word and go straight to testing
  • if you answer correctly first time, automatically autolearn
  • if you answer incorrectly, revert to normal learning behaviour

Is this right?

(Cooljingle) #11

It’s feasible but not so trivial to implement… obviously it would be nicer if memrise just brought that feature back than whatever hacky implementation I’d come up with!

(Andrers2b) #12

It’s not working for me (see screenshots). I’m using Chrome. Is there anything else I need to do?

No Autolearn button below:

(Thomas Heiss) #13


have you already installed Tampermonkey for Chrome?

If you click the above raw .JS link, is there are Tampermonkey popup asking to install the script?
Is the script actually enabled in the addon? In Firefox there is a separate “Verwaltung” (admin) section to see all scripts and enable/deactive them.

(Andrers2b) #14

I thought it was clear on my screenshot. But yeah, I installed it. Here’s another screenshot:

(Cooljingle) #15

The screenshot you showed is of the ‘presentation’ screen for the word - the autolearn option will only appear once you move on to a ‘test’ screen; once you select autolearn you then have to enter the correct answer to trigger it.

(El Vper20) #16

Nice one.

I’ve got a little request if possible: a script that already shows the next word in the list (if possible). It might not be supported by default but I guess it should be possible anyway with some clever “tricks”.

This would enable you to review in “one lined” instead of the current dashed line of the “memrise turbo” script. The dashes being the little break between words and the added time of your brain to process the input.

I noticed that in my own review sheets (which I retired) I could extremely quickly reply, even reaching speeds like 10 words in 30 seconds. But with Memrise + the turbo script I still don’t manage the same speed. Mainly because my brain can’t “preprocess” what it hasn’t seen yet.

The ideal system for this - in my opinion - would be with a rotation system: the next word to review being displayed on the right side of the the current one. And on the left side of the current one displaying the correction / information of the previous one (maybe also allow user to select what columns to display on the left correction side, ie a 3rd column “synonyms” in my case). Visually I think the best way to show the left and right (previous and next) boxes smaller than the current one and with them visually rotating as you respond.

Not only should this allow some extra speed to be squeezed out but it would also be a nice way to be able to check back on the previous one. This could work out really well.

What do you think?

Sadly I don’t think it’s something I can write a script for myself as my programming skills are very limited :(.

A rough paintshopped example of what I mean (without any visual candy xD): http://i.imgur.com/fQzdxc6.png

My guess is that this should be able to shave off an extra 0.5 to 2 seconds / word on average. = quickly adds up when reviewing for example 1000 words, 500 to 2000 seconds saved = 10-30 minutes (I’m currently doing more than 1000 / day). This should reduce reviewing time of words you know well by at least 10% to perhaps even 30% (except maybe for people who are always slow :P).

(Cooljingle) #17

It’s possible although it would be a fair amount of work to add all that eye candy… I’ll cook up a simple version when I get some spare time.

(El Vper20) #18

That would be awesome, thanks. Just the basics (getting the information of the next item) would already go a long way as that’s something I’m not able to do yet (reverse engineering Memrise’s inner workings / getting this particular set of information).

(Pvanhutch) #19


I really like this script but as of today it doesn’t seem to be working for me anymore. The button is still there but when I click to it auto learn an item, it doesn’t seem to do anything and I have to go through the whole normal growing process as if I didn’t have any scripts running. It was working fine literally just yesterday and I haven’t made any changes to my computer or anything so I don’t know if it’s due to the recent Memrise update or if it’s on my end or what. Do you think you could take a look at the script to see if it needs to be updated. I would hate to lose access to this abilty, I love it so much.


(Jean Michel Garcia73) #20

This is happening to me too, it was working fine yesterday, no idea what happened