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Hi @cooljingle, it seems that the latest update from Memrise today has broken your wonderful ‘all typing’ script. It would be great if you could take a look to see if a fix is possible. Thanks very much!

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I’ve updated the script with a fix - latest version is 0.1.31.


Hi again @cooljingle, Thanks. I’ve logged out and back in again and am running version 0.1.31 on Chrome but am still getting multiple choice questions when reviewing.


Second that (on Firefox).

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Fixed again! latest is 0.1.32.


Yep, that’s fixed it! Thanks, @cooljingle. You’re a :star:!

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Wow, you’re amazing! Thank you!

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Is it possible to make the script automatically switch the textbox to right to left writing in the appropriate languages?

(Cooljingle) #132

sorry for the late reply - if you’re still keen on having something like that I can have a crack at implementing it (no guarantees!) - might be better placed in a separate script though as I think it’s generally good to have scripts do specific things to avoid them breaking more easily.

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I’ve managed to make a shitty one, it just changes the answer box to rtl every second on memrise pages with “arabic” or “hebrew” in the title. Maybe you know how to do it every time a new sentence is given instead?

window.onload = function()
        $(".typing-type-here").attr('dir', 'rtl');
    }, 1000);

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Hi @cooljingle

It looks like that staff has rolled out a new code update this night Monday->Tuesday 12/17/2018.

This morning 08:30am o’clock (GMT+1) I can no longer review my official PT BR 7 Memrise course: https://www.memrise.com/course/1123013/portuguese-brazilian-7/garden/classic_review/

My header:

// @match          https://www.memrise.com/course/*/garden/classic_review/*

It definitely is activated as I can see on the left panel side.

The longer phrases (>10-15 characters) are back in multiple-choice and audio multiple choice mode, dispite “All typing settings” is configured otherwise and was working all the last days.

Can you maybe back merge the old repository code which forced typing >15 characters incl. spaces (or was it 10?) or is there another code “enhancement” by staff?

This option is also gone in the “all typing settings” on the left panel a longer time ago when staff made new updates and you adjusted to them and completely removed it - which was fine all the time for PT6+7; not anymore.
Well, I don’t really need the config option as true RECALLING testing means typing all the words and not M-C selection…but I have to admit that sometimes it can be quite nerve-wrecking to have to type all the long sentences (actually I can not get my backlog down on PT1-5 + PT BR Basic and paused reviewing) :wink:

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Here are some more screenshots from classic reviewing with offical PT BR 6+7 courses.

Interestingly, in the last days I do not always get this behaviour.
Sometimes I can indeed do a typing review, even for longer sentences, but not always.

I added the related screenshot type error description.

  1. Memrise Screenshot Typing 12 character incl. spaces example

  2. Memrise Screenshot Typing 10 characters with space - given alternative with semicolon breaks internal code

  3. Memrise Screenshot Typing 10 characters with space - two single words - error repeat question turns into multiple-choice

  4. Memrise Screenshot Typing 15 characters incl. space example

  5. Memrise Screenshot Typing 16 characters with space - three single words

  6. Memrise Screenshot Typing 9 characters - error repeat question turns into multiple-choice

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Recently I am also having some problems in 3+ user-created courses with “all typing” V0.1.32 when learning NEW 10-20 words (turned OFF learning in the left typing settings) that the spacing is not always right (it often is repeated directly as the next item in the queue when planting); I am not 100% sure but I think having to turn off 2-3 user scripts finally made it any worse compared to 2016 or 2017!?!

And if the “all typing” user script is activated with the usual header match for the “garden learn URL” that the 1st item is nowadays ALWAYS learned in typing mode, instead of multiple-choice.

I mean, this might probably be an alternative idea for an additional custom setting where we at least want to type 1-2 times a NEW word to learn which is not THAT difficult (I fear this might be also activate for longer phrases/sentences; will have to re-test with another course).

Or to give an option if we get it right the very first time, that we can SKIP all further 5+ multiple-choice /listen audio planting steps instead of having to manually activate “Auto learn” with F2 for the item.

But for more difficult words I would love to see the default behaviour of
a) multiple-choice for the first 2-3 planting steps
b) then to add listen audio (which I do not get for three user-created courses, maybe the course owner has deactivate them? They are definitely activated in my settings!)
c) and finally to add 1-2 typing steps (or mix all of them) before the item is FULLY planted.

3+ question spacing is fine for me where 4-6 might be better instead of only 2-3 for the individual learning steps (this might vary on the words or course, single words vs phrases/sentences, languages, etc.).


But I think we used “Wrong answer skips” just for the review, or was it also active in parts for planting/learning mode or with “Learning retries”?

My previous comment for “Learning retries”: Userscript: Memrise Learning Retries

Do you remember (aus dem Arm geschüttelt) without investing much time if the 3-6 question spacing was maybe also implemented additionally in “Learning retries” or is this just the Memrise auto default?
You never touched it?

Q: With what question spacing (learning steps) do you get along very well when you personally learn new words in Romance languages?

  • 3
  • 4-6
  • In what situations would 6+ more comfortable for you when you plant 10 or 20 words?

Is “all typing” also touching (with turned off learning mode in the settings) the web code for any (better) 3-6 question spacing than the Memrise default?

Currently I feel “pretty much dumbed down” by Memrise when learning item steps are represented too soon (only 1-2 question spacing).
The spacing of learning steps between 10-20 new words can be bigger than 3, spreading it for 4-6 might be better if the word is normal (not easy) and not VERY difficult.


The only working solution right now is:

  • to deactivate “Wrong answer skips” (errors)
  • to deactivate "Learning retries (errors)
  • to only activate “all typing” for reviews in the match header (otherwise I get recently very odd behaviour for 1st learning step required typing on the item - I have no clue how and why the too near question spacing kicks in)

Sorry that I did not come back earlier (private situations in my life) to discuss some of my ideas and requirements more in detail with you, especially how to implement features to clear more successfully a huge backlog queue for several courses (by typing).

I know, I was not that much successful 1-2 years ago when I tried to brainstorm some ideas on the community forum and somehow this presentation screen vs copytyping (with 1 max required spacing) got into our way :slight_smile:

Sadly to say I am not always in the mood for this because of some stuff keeping me quite busy in private life.

Way too many options and side dependencies…

With best regards / Viele Grüße

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Hey @cooljingle!:slight_smile: I’ve been using your all typing script since the beginning with a lot of joy! :slight_smile: thanks for creating this. Upon new changes coming to Memrise (I guess they want more money), I’m more than happy to help you on migrating the script to Decks, perhaps we could also make a course scrapper so one could go for full offline version since nowadays nothing is guaranteed to be as it was on Memrise?