[Userscript] Memrise all typing



Hi @cooljingle, it seems that the latest update from Memrise today has broken your wonderful ‘all typing’ script. It would be great if you could take a look to see if a fix is possible. Thanks very much!

(Cooljingle) #125

I’ve updated the script with a fix - latest version is 0.1.31.


Hi again @cooljingle, Thanks. I’ve logged out and back in again and am running version 0.1.31 on Chrome but am still getting multiple choice questions when reviewing.


Second that (on Firefox).

(Cooljingle) #128

Fixed again! latest is 0.1.32.


Yep, that’s fixed it! Thanks, @cooljingle. You’re a :star:!

(Matt92 Hun) #130

Wow, you’re amazing! Thank you!

(Matt92 Hun) #131

Is it possible to make the script automatically switch the textbox to right to left writing in the appropriate languages?

(Cooljingle) #132

sorry for the late reply - if you’re still keen on having something like that I can have a crack at implementing it (no guarantees!) - might be better placed in a separate script though as I think it’s generally good to have scripts do specific things to avoid them breaking more easily.

(Matt92 Hun) #133

I’ve managed to make a shitty one, it just changes the answer box to rtl every second on memrise pages with “arabic” or “hebrew” in the title. Maybe you know how to do it every time a new sentence is given instead?

window.onload = function()
        $(".typing-type-here").attr('dir', 'rtl');
    }, 1000);