[Userscript] Memrise all typing


(Thomas Heiss) #102

Hi @cooljingle,

new errors on loading the “NEXT” question on course PT BR 6: https://www.memrise.com/course/1123013/portuguese-brazilian-7

Before I was successful to review 55 single PT BR words in MartinPen’s user-created course (had stopped PT6+PT7 for some days)…

Probaby a new API update this week?
Hope you can fix it…

All typing V0.1.23 with Auto-Correct V0.0.12 enabled.

TypeError: $(...).size is not a function[Weitere Informationen] classic_review:3:9 <anonym> https://www.memrise.com/course/1123013/portuguese-brazilian-7/garden/classic_review/:3:9 at.event.dispatch https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:48254 at.event.add/m.handle https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:46300 i https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:438539 g https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:2563 at.Animation<.prefilters< https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:61429 q https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:8698 .animate/s https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:62353 .dequeue https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:43538 .queue/< https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:44007 .each https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:12366 at.prototype.each https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:10633 .queue https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:43907 .animate https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:62466 at.fn[t] https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:63693 [1]</</<.session_start https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/garden/dist/js/garden-bundle-1f5b32cffc13.js:1:21935 [1]</</<.load_session/<.success https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/garden/dist/js/garden-bundle-1f5b32cffc13.js:1:19961 at.Callbacks/l https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:36968 at.Callbacks/u.fireWith https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:37739 i https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:75655 .send/n/< https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:80514 i https://d2rhekw5qr4gcj.cloudfront.net/dist/js/libs-54820ae4f713.js:1:438539 onStopRequest resource://gre/modules/WebRequest.jsm:347:clock7:

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Hi @cooljingle,

When you get a spare few minutes (!), I think the “all typing” script may need a few tweaks following yesterday’s update. I got some listening tests today during a review of Spanish (Spain) 5 with the script turned on.


(Cooljingle) #104

Thanks for letting me know, I’ve submitted a fix - try updating to 0.1.27.

A result of the memrise updates is that some of the more granular all typing options are not possible, so I’ve had to trim down the options somewhat (you can still toggle all typing depending on if it’s for review/learn, plus toggle overriding tapping and audio multiple choice style tests).

Let me know if there are any issues. Other scripts I’ve made will have been affected by the update and are still pending fixes for now.

(Cooljingle) #106

Maybe check if you have 2 instances of the script running? I don’t have this issue - if others do then perhaps that will help us work out why you have this.

(Zurreal) #107

Is there anyone here who knows how to update all userscripts? I was using turbo and auto correct and they worked so well. I’m having a hard time adjusting to memrise standard slow pace haha. Any tips?

(Cooljingle) #108

turbo (my fork of it at least, I’m not the originial author) and auto correct are still broken right now, I’ve only fixed the all typing script. I’ll try to fix them in due course.

(Zurreal) #110

That’d be pretty great of you. I’m just starting out with code so I’m at a loss with this right now.


Thanks @cooljingle. You’re a star!

(Cooljingle) #112

I’ve fixed the turbo script (0.1.14); the autocorrect script was not broken but probably was affected by other scripts in your case.

(The Four Gated Danzig) #113

If you’re fixing all your scripts today (like all multiple choice and remove timer), thank you x 1000. you’re a lifesaver.

(Zurreal) #114

You’re a star! Thanks a million!

(Baraa Abbas) #115

Hi @cooljingle

I was looking forward to using your script (many thanks for it) for the memrise Arabic course, but I’ve run into a problem. It looks like I’m encountering some kind of strict typing thing. The terms that have diacritics or “؟” will not accept any answer. I even copied and pasted the posted correct answer and the input bar would sometimes be green but would not allow me to continue as though the answer were incomplete.

If it were possible, it would be nice if at least the posted answer could be accepted; ideally, I would like for the punctuation and diacritics « َ ً ُ ٌ ْ ِ ٍ » to be optional.

I am using the 0.1.29 version of the script, so that isn’t likely the issue.

I appreciate your dedication!

(Thomas Heiss) #116

AFAIK this is because of Memrise default “Auto accept” which got added a few months ago.

Basically I have added Cooljingle’s “Auto correct” user script to non-strict and strict-typing courses to get it working with Memrise default injected “Auto accept” code…well, I would have used it anyways to avoid having to type accents/diacritcs all the time for my Portuguese BR courses (incl. 1-7 Memrise courses).

However you can try to disable “Auto accept” (from Memrise) and re-test.

IMHO this has nothing to do with “all typing”.

(Cooljingle) #117

You can send me the course details with which level and word it occurs on and I’ll take a look. Sounds similar to an issue that some people had where typing would not get accepted because the word had something completely non-obvious in it (such as an invisible character!) so when you type the correct answer the check fails, and the problem was never picked up earlier because without the script memrise would always give a non-typing prompt.

As for diacritics, again there could be an issue with the characters not matching up exactly, you can try the autocorrect script as Thomas suggested (https://github.com/cooljingle/memrise-autocorrect) which will put those in for you as you type.

(Baraa Abbas) #118

Okay, I’ve installed the “Auto correct” user script and it is working for most of the punctuation. Some terms containing the Arabic question mark sitll don’t seem to get through, though.

Here is a sample of terms whose “correct answer” when copied and pasted fails to register as correct:
Course: Arabe (AMS) 1
Level 12: مصري؛ مصرية égyptien; égyptienne ; and all other terms in this level of the same format
Level 13: دائمًا toujours ; أبدًا jamais
Level 14: صفر؛ ٠ zéro; 0 ; and all other terms in this level of the same format
Level 18: ما رأيك؟ qu’en penses-tu ?
Level 20: هل تفهم؟ est-ce que tu comprends ? ; أنا أيضًا moi aussi

Hmmm, I didn’t realize it before, but I guess memrise never intended for this course to have “typing” enabled. The terms requesting you to write both the masculine and feminine forms completely with a semi colon and the numbers are particularly problematic.

Well, whether things work out or not; thanks in advance and thanks for your prompt response!

(Cooljingle) #119

Via a bit of arabic punctuation research I eventually dug into what memrise was doing during its checks and updated the script to match it better; the updated script should not have those issues anymore (0.1.30). I also updated the autocorrect script so that should also work with arabic punctuation.

(Erik Gjessing) #120

This really helps! Thanks a lot. I’m learning to spell in Norwegian and since I already know how to speak it, the only thing i want to learn is how to spell it. This really helps and was easy to install.

12/10 flashcards

(Matt92 Hun) #121

Seems like it stopped working. Only for me, or for everyone?


Memrise changed something today. Now the garden does not work anymore when I enable the script (in Firefox ESR).

(Matt92 Hun) #123

In Chrome neither.