[Userscript] Memrise all typing

Yeah!! You made my day!

Thanks for your fine work!

I’m using memrise for roundabout 2 years, your script for two weeks now. And it makes all the difference. This boring typing is the only way to learn languages properly in my opinion!

So let’s hope, there’s no update in the next time. (fingers crossed).

Thanks a lot!!

Hey ! First Thanks a lot for all your hard work on the scripts, I love them so much!

Now the issue: I use both the “all typing” and the “audio provider” so I’m not sure where the problem is, but memrise constantly hangs when I get a word wrong. Could you please help?

Tested with V0.1.25.
I was successful to disable “auto accept” as there is a bug for non-strict-typing courses to not work anymore without your “auto correct” user script.

Memrise seems to have something changed on Wednesday for their offical PT1-7 (tested 6+7) courses.
Usually they are configured as non-strict (all 1-6 + PT Basic).

The diacratics / accent keyboard for Portuguese is not shown for your actively converted multiple-choice and audio sentences anymore, as it did with older versions before the Memrise code update (this includes the re-typing 1st screen when giving the wrong answer).

HTML code:

<div class="keyboard clearfix" style="display: none;"></div>

For single words (originally typing):

<div class="keyboard clearfix"><a class="shiny-box">ã</a><a class="shiny-box">â</a><a class="shiny-box">á</a><a class="shiny-box">à</a><a class="shiny-box">é</a><a class="shiny-box">ê</a><a class="shiny-box">í</a><a class="shiny-box">ó</a><a class="shiny-box">õ</a><a class="shiny-box">ô</a><a class="shiny-box">ú</a><a class="shiny-box">ç</a></div>

@kkeks This is an issue of the “audio provider” script V0.1.17, not because of “all typing”: [Userscript] Memrise Audio Provider

This has nothing to do with “all typing”, but it is an issue of a non-compatible broken (non-updated) “auto correct” script with latest Memrise updates.

My Portuguese diacratics are also not back.
This is the pest with “auto accept” for offical Memrise courses or strict-typing user-created courses…

I think it is finally time to send some Paypal donations to Cooljingle because of all his hard work for the last 3+ Memrise updates…

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As Thomas was saying, there was an issue with the autocorrect script after the memrise update - this script has also been fixed now (v.0.0.12).

Unfortunately I’m still having problems in courses with picture questions.

Could not pass this question even when I copied the “answer”.

Should be fixed now (v0.1.26).

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Hi since a few days I am getting (almost only) tapping tests again when I’m learning new words (not during the review). The all typing script is enabled but shows a red exclamation point. Do more people have this problem?

Why don’t you post the JS error message from the web console (F12)?

What are your settings for “all typing” on the left side?
Is the 3rd point “Include learning” activated?

Normally it is not, so the “Memrise standard” (mix multiple-choice + tapping + listen audio) is the default for learning new words.

I would probably get crazy if I had to type 6 times correctly a new word (including very new, weak, difficult), etc., so usually I do not activate the script for the first learning step; only 1(-2) typing (default) of 6 steps is IMHO enough.

BTW: You can deactivate “tapping tests” in your Memrise profile settings https://www.memrise.com/settings/learning/ if you do not like them.

Oh thank you, I wasn’t aware of those settings. It’s fixed now. I’m used to all typing always, otherwise it feels too easy!

Hi. I started experiencing an issue today where a course (portuguese 7) freezes when learning new words. The next-button randomly stops working.

By the way, thanks so much for the script! You make Memrise so much better :slight_smile:

Seems to be working again…

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Hi @cooljingle,

new errors on loading the “NEXT” question on course PT BR 6: https://www.memrise.com/course/1123013/portuguese-brazilian-7

Before I was successful to review 55 single PT BR words in MartinPen’s user-created course (had stopped PT6+PT7 for some days)…

Probaby a new API update this week?
Hope you can fix it…

All typing V0.1.23 with Auto-Correct V0.0.12 enabled.

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Hi @cooljingle,

When you get a spare few minutes (!), I think the “all typing” script may need a few tweaks following yesterday’s update. I got some listening tests today during a review of Spanish (Spain) 5 with the script turned on.


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Thanks for letting me know, I’ve submitted a fix - try updating to 0.1.27.

A result of the memrise updates is that some of the more granular all typing options are not possible, so I’ve had to trim down the options somewhat (you can still toggle all typing depending on if it’s for review/learn, plus toggle overriding tapping and audio multiple choice style tests).

Let me know if there are any issues. Other scripts I’ve made will have been affected by the update and are still pending fixes for now.


Maybe check if you have 2 instances of the script running? I don’t have this issue - if others do then perhaps that will help us work out why you have this.


Is there anyone here who knows how to update all userscripts? I was using turbo and auto correct and they worked so well. I’m having a hard time adjusting to memrise standard slow pace haha. Any tips?

turbo (my fork of it at least, I’m not the originial author) and auto correct are still broken right now, I’ve only fixed the all typing script. I’ll try to fix them in due course.


That’d be pretty great of you. I’m just starting out with code so I’m at a loss with this right now.