Userscript issues on new Firefox Quantum?

Is anyone having issues with userscripts on the new FF Quantum? I think I’ve got everything enabled correctly on Greasemonkey but I can’t get the scripts to work. Wondering if there’s an issue with the new Greasemonkey or FF or if I’m just missing something?

paging @cooljingle Sorry to bug you, wondering if you had noticed anything similar. :slight_smile:

26 AM

The same with me and Memrise Turbo. I hope Greasemonkey will adjust the next days. I try to be patient.

Yeah, I hope Greasemonkey puts out an update. On their page they said the new Greasemonkey is a completely new build. :confused:

Do the scripts work if you use Tampermonkey? :slight_smile:

what for a script is “Memrise All audio Multiple Choice”? is for your “listening skills” so you do not write what you hear (like children in the first grade… let us see if you get the right “shí”… )

@Hydroptere, as you asking for a new script or how to fix an existing one?

no, I am asking about the second script in Matteo’s list… what that script “Memrise all audio multiple choice” does

btw, before I reversed my FF update, i.e. in Quantum, tampermonkey worked like a charm

Oh, okay, got it :slight_smile:

They do! Thanks for the tip! :grin:

Hi there, that’s exactly right. It tests listening skills. I use it in conjunction with @cooljingle 's reverse translation script. Sometimes I select the character, sometimes the English translation depending on my mood.

It’s a great script and incredibly helpful:


thanks! I might use it on some Chinese courses - listening skills of the type “type what you hear” for Mandarin are a bloomer (I wonder … well, what ever)

edit: hm: how do I make it to ask me the English/German when I hear Chinese, any idea?

Hi! I use @cooljingle 's Reverse Translation script too in conjunction with the audio script. You can toggle it on and off:


sorry, you said it twice now, because I did not get it the first time… Now I understand, many thanks again

No worries! You are welcome! :slight_smile:


Good to hear, and you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

@Ang, I recommend you try switching to Tampermonkey, too :slight_smile:

Btw, are you sure that Memrise Reverse Translations is still functioning?

Hi there, the script is working for me. Make sure you click the ‘reverse translations’ link on the left corner of the screen. (You can then toggle back and forth) Note: it will change testing direction on the next screen.

many thanks!!!

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