[Userscript] Full Markdown Support

I’m working on a userscript that will allow you to use full (or as full as I can make it) Markdown on your courses. It’s really irritating to me how formatting works in some places but not in others. For the uninitiated, some parts of Markdown are used here on the forum - like how you can do **this** for making text bold and so on. You can read about the full capabilities of it here. Why they haven’t bothered to do this themselves is beyond me, honestly.

I’ve created a Github repository for this userscript (and others) to live at but there is nothing there, yet. Feel free to follow or star the project, if you’d like Github to notify you when stuff happens. I’ll keep you updated here too, though. Oh and… if you have any ideas, suggestions etc. then please…


Of course, using this particular userscript would essentially render your courses… ugly (if nothing else)… on mobile and I don’t personally plan to use this one however I was just bored and it seemed like a fun little something to do. I really wish that Memrise would just do this themselves, then it could be made to work on mobile too.

Perhaps I’ll repurpose this particular userscript and make it so that it just applies to multimedia levels as that wouldn’t ruin the mobile experience.

Sneak Peak: