[Userscript] Bulk-add Alternate Answers

I’ve been working on a userscript for the last few hours to bulk-add alternate answers from a spreadsheet, much like you can bulk-add the words in the first place. This is a necessity for me, due to the way I’ve decided to structure my latest Swedish course (essentially - for the example columns, I’m using the “alternate answer” for the English translation, which means that it’s hidden by default unless you click “more” even though the columns are set to “always show”). That said, I think everyone probably wants this. :stuck_out_tongue:

The basics are done - it works and it seems to work quite well, from my initial testing. I just need to test it some more and make sure that I’m not going to be hammering their API too much. Then I need to hack a Memrise-like UI together for it (matching the UI for the bulk-add words feature).

The only caveat is that you need to have a separate worksheet for each column’s alternate answers but even if you have many columns - this is a million times better than adding them manually, one by one.

I’ve prepared a spreadsheet that shows you how you can layout your spreadsheet (or at least how I plan to lay out mine). As you can see, there is a separate worksheet for each column’s alternate answers and these are dynamically linked (in both directions). If you add a word to the master sheet, it will show up in all of the alternate answer sheets and if you add an alternate answer, it will show up in the master sheet. You won’t be able to edit this spreadsheet however you can File > Make a Copy if you want to play with it.

I’ve also created a Github repository for this userscript (and others) to live at but there is nothing there, yet. Feel free to follow or star the project, if you’d like Github to notify you when stuff happens. I’ll keep you updated here too, though. Oh and… if you have any ideas, suggestions etc. then please…

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Hi there !

Cannot find your userscript :slight_smile:

Why is it not published on github ? I need to update a course but I dont want to start from scratch, I can help you.

Thanks in advance !


I have been taking a bit of a hiatus from both language learning and programming, as well as working on my Memrise courses. I hope to start working on all of this stuff again soon, though, when I have moved home.

So hopefully shortly after Christmas, once I am in the new property, I should be able to finish up the script (it sort of only half-works right now).


Github is not for publishing perfectly tuned and beautifuly written projects (does development ends one day anyway ?..)

Yes pushing perfectly tuned and beautifuly written source code is something our ego would prefer but pushing since the beginning is a good idea

Just create a “develop” branch and push everything good or less good ASAP after writing it :slight_smile:

Tooks me years to get used to it though :smiley:

Anyway ไม่เป็นไร there is no hurry, happy new year !

Any plans to continue this? I want to make a course that would need a looot of synonyms, and I don’t know if I can face inputting them all manually :confounded:

No pressure or anything, just wanted to check :smiley:

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@sustained This idea sounds really promising and would be an awesome community service!