[Userscript] Attempt to Eliminate Phantom Entries

Hi Eli / @neoncube,

I’ve just tried your script several times on a test course and didn’t notice any problems. I’ve tried producing phantom entries but didn’t succeed (sod’s law I guess), so I don’t really know whether it’s working. The course in question is not all too special (source lang, target lang, audio, one attribute col).

I’ve read various other threads too and - somewhere (too many open tabs - closed the wrong ones, smart!) I came across some mentioning of problems with people losing their progress. I have >150 users who learn or learned my course and I’d hate to see them loose their progress. Is that an old problem or maybe even one that never existed?

Long story short: are there any known problems that one should be aware of before running the script?
Also, do you still need to expand all levels or will the script do that for you now?

Cheers for the script! :v:t4:

Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin,

As far as I know, there aren’t any known problems with the script that would damage a course. I was cautious at first, too, but I’ve run it on quite a few courses and haven’t noticed any problems.

I think the script should automatically expand the levels for you. In fact, I’d recommend not expanding any levels manually, as that might trip up the script :slight_smile:

Cheers, @neoncube! I’ve already tried it out a few days ago, worked a charm. Many thanks for your efforts, have some virtual beer! :beer::beers:

Doesn’t seem to work on Decks? If I run it on Memrise will the changes get copied across?

Scripts don’t work on Decks due to an address-filter being applied. For the auto-learn script I posted a work-around to make it work on Decks, see here. This work-around should really work for most (if not all) scripts that use Tampermonkey and (used to) work on the Memrise website.

Sorry, I completely missed that question! If you would’ve asked that question a week ago I would’ve said “yes, sure”, because both Memrise and Decks were sharing the same database. As of today I’m uncertain - I’ve read postings here on the forum where people are writing that official courses do no longer show up on Decks. If that’s the case, they may have started separating the two websites. While both Memrise and Decks might still be (I’d bet they are) fed through the same database, they probably have (or will soon) filter data so that community courses can only be accessed from Decks whereas official Memrise courses will only be available on Memrise.

But long story short: I’d simply try it out!

The script needs to be adapted for Decks.
Not copied. Right now the database for the courses is still shared between both websites.

Thank you very much for this valuabke information.

@neoncube Do you have plans to (or may I request that you) make this script available to the new Decks website? I use it frequently for cleaning up some courses I’ve created (that occasionally need “maintenance” by me). Since they (as well as all other user-created courses) are allegedly going to be only available in Decks (and not Memrise) after April, this would be very much appreciated!

@neoncube I would like to whole-heartedly second @Cianfrusaglie request for a “decks” compatible version. I create courses for my Welsh class and the “remove phantom entries” has been a great help to me (and to many others, I’m sure).




@neoncube Same here - I collaborate on a course with several other individuals, who then test and make changes and therefore we find sub optimal entries making their way into the system that need to be flushed out. This script has been absolutely amazing! I’ll bake cookies or lemon drizzle cake or something if we can have a decks compatible version. :slight_smile: But seriously, thank you so much for providing it in the first place, I know we’re being needy. :wink:

I tried adding the decks address into the user matches in tampermonkey, and while the button now shows up (yay!) it sadly doesn’t work. I’m not super experienced with tampermonkey though so perhaps I did something wrong.


you have to replace in the script all instances of “memrise.com” with “decks.memrise.com” to make it work. I use stylus in firefox and waterfox and in epic and in … brave, something like this, and stylus makes it easier to tamper with scripts

but i am not using decks yet, the “next” button is so terribly positioned, it makes one waste so much time with scrolling, pause is missing and I cannot make the dashboard look as compact as i wish

anyhow, for having updated scripts, one should wait until the decks UI is stable/not subject to sudden changes anymore. Neoncube (who is not using memrise anymore, if i remember well) and cooljingle updated their scripts so often in the last years - for free, out of … just kindness


@Angharad.Merfin Thank you! Don’t know if it’s actually working (I didn’t have any problems in my test course) but at least things are going green now and no errors being generated.

you’re welcome!

Also, as regards this one script: it does not work well with large courses (>1500 items), unless you have plenty of time on your hands and an angel’s patience, but even then the fail rate is pretty high

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Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Looks like the demand for this script is still pretty high :slight_smile: God willing, I’ll see what I can do to get it running on Decks.

@duaal, I saw your comment; do you know off the top of your head of anything special that needs to be modified for the script to run on Decks? I noticed they stopped having global databases for each language; not sure if there have been other major changes as well.


hi @neoncube!

Actually the script seems to work when you replace all instances of “memrise.com” with “decks.memrise.com” like @Angharad.Merfin said.

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Okay, cool. Thanks, @duaal :slight_smile:

Okay, everyone, I’ve updated the userscript to work on Decks, as well as Memrise. The new version of the script is 1.3.0. You may need to go into Tampermonkey and hit an update button in order for the new version of the script to be downloaded.

Please let me know if you run into any issues :slight_smile:


Cheers, @neoncube - thanks bunches!

May I discretly point you here as well? It shouldn’t take you long to update that as well. :kissing_closed_eyes:

Hi @neoncube

Thanks so much for updating this script. Everything looks great so far. :grin: