[Userscript] Attempt to Eliminate Phantom Entries

Hi @Olaf.Rabbachin :slight_smile:

@duaal’s explanation of the gray entries is correct.

Are you getting red entries (signifying failures) sometimes when you run the script on a long course? If so, there might be ways to mitigate that.

I can’t think of a reason why entries would turn green after being gray during the previous runs, unless those items were modified, or some of the levels failed to expand when the script ran (which does happen sometimes, I think :slight_smile:)

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Totally understand. :sunglasses:

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Thanks, @duaal and @neoncube! I suppose I didn’t search thoroughly enough as I actually did perform a search for gray here on the thread. :woozy_face:

Using the script in order to check for dupes is ideal too and adds another layer of usefulness! There was a whole bunch of them in the course, but I knew that I probably didn’t find them all. The fact that some entries vanished from the “gray list” may well be connected to changes that I performed between script runs.
I’ll check back on the course’s data next week and will let you know here.


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@Olaf.Rabbachin No worries, and good to hear! :slight_smile:

As a side note, dupes aren’t necessarily bad, depending on how the course is set up. Memrise is smart enough that if you learn an item in one level and then encounter it again in another level, it’ll already be marked as learned, and sometimes it can be useful to have the same item in multiple levels (if the item is a component in multiple dwords that are in different levels, for instance :slight_smile:)

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I think that only applies if the entries are 100% equal. In the aforementioned course the source translations differed though.

Just to update on the phantom audio issue - I realised the phantom audio entries that were bothering me were not quite as widespread as I thought. Only a few levels were affected so following @neoncube’s theory about deleting and reuploading, I did this manually and it worked a charm. :+1:t2:


@sarashaath Good to hear! :slight_smile:

I wonder if that’s why I have old definition bugs, like partially ( brackets. Or like, sometimes when I accidentally forget switch to commas rather than tab in bulk addition.

@SarahWeaver6, Yes, that sounds like it might be why :slight_smile:

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Hi @neoncube

I’ve tried the script today but the phantom entries are still there. I’ve deleted a whole level recently, ran the script several times (which all of the entries turned green) and tried the course. But most of the answers still came from that deleted level. Any idea on how I can fix them?

Hi @Cikinnad,

I believe Memrise draws possible answers from the course’s database, not directly from the other levels, so if the level was deleted but the entries in the database weren’t, then I think that could cause this issue :slight_smile:


Yea one example is when it was drawing answers from a sense deleted course section (I’m going to be bringing it back at the end of the course) and the fictional history of how the language developed.

Specifically how French and Japanese ran together in the US.

So you’ll have things like: the great fire that started the rebellion, presented as an answer to what Le Orenji is.

Because oranges and mutinys, absolutely related.:smiley:

Thanks @neoncube :slight_smile:
Still trying to sort things out. So many unwanted old entries in my course database

No problem :slight_smile:

I actually wrote a script a while ago that goes through and deletes unused entries in a course’s database. If you’d like me to run it on your course, just add me as a contributor :slight_smile:


hi @neoncube,

Since yesterday I get a lot of errors while running the script.

Encountered an error posting a column’s new value.

Just a few entries become green and then it gets stuck. Both on Memrise and on Decks.
Any ideas?

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Same here! Tried several times yesterday, always received that error message.

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Oh, I thought it was just me. Exactly the same thing. Tried both in firefox and chrome in memrise and decks. I always get “Encountered an error posting a column’s new value” after a few lines. I think I have encountered this problem around Thursday.

Awesome script by the way. I often have to alter previous entries and was drowning under more and more phantom old values before I found this script. It really solved my problem. After correcting a bunch I just ran this script and everything was fine.

Thank you, @neoncube!

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I hadn’t trained in my conlang a while (adding in new pronoun use cases at the moment), so phantom entries are still a problem?

They make me laugh sometimes, but it’s definitely a nuisance.

I’m actually surprised there aren’t more, as I have four columns in my conlang: Hafestra, English, French, Kanji, and Phonetic Spelling.

Please would @MemriseSupport consider creating a Creator/ Contributor’s button to eliminate phantom entries by reselecting alternative answers.

So many of us have encountered this problem and I’m afraid I’m not into Scripts.

It’s a shame that what seems a simple task isn’t made available as a feature on the edit screen.

Cc @kevin5284 @MemriseMatty


Sorry guys; I’m not sure when I’ll have time to fix this. I took a quick look into the issue, and it looks like maybe the Memrise backend changed and is now erroring out because of how quickly the script tries to update entries.