Users of my course don't give feedback

Dear all,
I’m using memrise for a while and also created some courses. I’m happy seeing people using it.
I don’t see how people can easily give me feedback when they detected an error or inconsitency. The forum does not help at all with it. Even if I created a forum page, no one replies. And for me this is logic, as it is not directly linked to my course.

Before memrise started the central forum I used the feedback function for another course and saw that several people used it and I got even feedback. No, this has stopped.

Does someone has a solution? Maybe I miss a functionality.
Does memrise will offer soon a function to give feedback to course creators?

Thanks for you replies.


You can kind of link your course to your course forum. Besides putting the link to the course forum in the description and in a multimedia level, you can add MC questions to the course:

Q: Where can you leave a comment if you see a mistake or have a suggestion?
A: Link to course forum.

Q: What link should you bookmark?
A: Link to course forum.



It is still very anoying that no easy feedback ist possibe for users.
I don’t see why the connection between course creators and users are not facilitated. It would so much enhance the quality of a course. A pity.

I agree I don’t know why they deleted the direct forums that were already integrated into the courses. That feature was extremely useful, I provided feedback on so many courses whenever I saw a typo or mistake, it was so much more efficient. Now it is cumbersome trying to find the courses on here or copying and pasting the link in my browser to then supply feedback.