Users' guide to Memrise/Decks split up

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If you just registered on the board, then this topic will help to guide you through the latest content, which was produced in a very big amount. If you are a veteran here, then you might need to find something substantial that you saw somewhere, but lost. Thus it was decided to create this thread with the most relevant topics. Please, feel free to PM me if I missed anything.

On 19th February Memrise made an announcement about important upcoming changes in its structure:

  1. In mid-March user created courses will be separated from the official Memrise courses and allocated on Decks website.

  2. There will be no Android/iOS apps for Decks website - only mobile website. Subsequently, there will be no offline mode anymore.

The main thread with Memrise’s announcement

Users’ reaction was like this: one, two, three

The Creation of Decks and the Future of Memrise (blogpost by Ed Cooke, Memrise CEO)

Response by LangAddict to Ed Cooke’s post

Poll: what do you think of Decks?

Let’s get together and build an alternative

Meeting with Ed Cooke in London on 7th March

Possible legal actions against Memrise (one, two)

Poll: would you like if the Decks were placed under the care of a nonprofit?

Where will everyone go after the Death of Memrise? (alternatives to Memrise)

Memrise to Anki exporter discussion

Easy to use exporter

Another export tool

Important update by Memrise

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Nice compilation of info. :slight_smile:

Could add this small yet important piece of news from Kevin@memrise about the fact that they are revisiting the idea of having an app/offline mode for Decks. Nothing confirmed, but there is an ever so slight possibility now.

Link: Decks Audio