User-Created Global Leaderboard II

(Lurajane) #163

I don’t think it was a bug. Google has a cached page for a high-point user with that name. Maybe the high point user changed their name. And then a lower point user claimed the unused name.

(Ang) #164

Thank you very much clex! Great work!

(Ang) #165

What about number 20 Tyler_Boyd 126,153,927 0 ???

(Colva) #166

Yes, @Ang, @clex, I think there’s maybe a division by zero bug when you’re displaying only the people with at most 5000 points per word? If one sorts by words learnt, there are two people who have zero words (presumably because they abandoned all of their courses).

I do find this spreadsheet really fun though, thanks again clex. I’m completely fascinated by all the people who have much fewer than 1000 points per word, presumably they are only planting and never watering? I can’t see why anyone would do that, it’s neither a good way to learn nor even a quick way to get points.

(Lurajane) #167

@colva He has all 126,153,927 points from a single course with 113 words; this isn’t because some user chose to abandon his courses.

As far as low points per word - that can happen when someone is reviewing words they learned long ago, or when practicing verb conjugation. Lot’s of situations don’t call for going through the spaced recall learning progression that Memrise is designed around.

(Clex) #168

Good catch, it’s fixed, thanks.

(Ichigo Smof) #169

reviewing words from long ago is one of my current problems

(Tomek Wilicki8f) #170łuszka/ where did he got his points? more than 500 000 already this week, I’ve scanned all his courses,can’t find it there.

(Casper Duo) #171

It is not because of lack of reviews. My ratio was about 500 when I was doing only speed reviews.
With the blue review, you get 150 points per question. With speed review, you usually get less than 50.
So it basicly means peple who are doing little blue reviews.

What are you looking for?

(Tomek Wilicki8f) #172

I can’t find the course he is doing right now. His points rise, but only on the global ranking.

I remember now, some time ago old courses become “hidden”, maybe they are not displayed anymore? For example, can you see this course on my profile page?

(Casper Duo) #173

I didn’t know you can do that. You’re checking the leaderboard for each course he is doing?
That seem like a lot of trouble to go through…
If he created his own course and didn’t make it public it will not show in his profile.

This is one way some people can cheat the system:

Not that I’m saying he does it.

(Tomek Wilicki8f) #174

Only ~30, so not that hard. I was curious how he can make more than 500 000 points daily and learn so many words, which language and so on - and couldn’t find anything.

Yeah, maybe private course (to cheat or out of other reasons), maybe old, hidden content.

(Casper Duo) #175

BTW, I noticed today that if I have a lot of reviews and I know the material well, I can potentially do 90,000 per hour, if I get 150 points per question. So it is within the realm of possibility even though it seems hard to imagine those numbers yet (I’ve yet to reach them).

And no, I couldn’t see that course in your profile.

Check this:

You can take a full page screenshot in one go:

(Ichigo Smof) #176

fits with my estimation of 80 000 points/hour

(Colva) #177

Hi, yes, thanks, I found a few ways to take full page screenshots, the issue is that they get displayed strangely when I upload them on to the forum. However, thanks to @clex’s good work, I don’t think they’re needed any more.

I quite often manage 50,000-70,000 points an hour on standard review, but it does depend on having learnt the material quite well, as the 500 bonus points for all 25 answers being right definitely helps. Courses that I find more difficult (most of my japanese ones…) I struggle to make 35,000 in an hour.


90k points per hour? How is that possible? I’m learning Czech and typing in answers such as ‘chtěl bych koupit noční jízdenku do’ correctly takes time and only yields 50-150 points. I get no more than 30k points per hour even if I know the material.

(Tomek Wilicki8f) #179

no-typing courses. I can easily do more than 60k/h with them, while with “normal” ones I get ~30k.

(Ichigo Smof) #180

i’ve changed my settings from 5 new words to 10, because i do10 kanji/day, and that will avoid the loss of time between two settings

(Petr R Skupad8) #181

There are also other modes for either course, which does not require typing. Like red mode of fast review and violet mode (pro users) with listening reviews (in my experience in courses with lot typing it produces more points)

If we jump out of particular course and gave the liberty to choose whatever else and compare the speed between them … then of course the nature of language is big factor too.

It is much faster for me to type answers in portuguese for examle than in polish or german. Not only because of speling. The portuguese words are often realyy short and trim. :slight_smile:

Anyway … by the way, posílám kolegiální pozdrav z Prahy :slight_smile: a přeju úspěšné a pŕíjemné učení mé mateřštiny :slight_smile:



Díky! Čeština je velmi složitý jazyk :confused: