User-Created Global Leaderboard II

(Lena) #143

maybe it makes sense to hide some most obvious cases, like 100,000 points/1,000 words from the board. But for the most part, it is difficult to tell a cheater from a person with unusual learning habits (for example, some people learn one and the same course over and over again, it results in a lot of points and very little words in their statistics).

(Clex) #144

define “cheaters”

Earlier we talked about a ratio pts/word over 5000, that can be a definition.
I can add an option to show/hide suspicious scores for example.

(Lena) #145

This may be a good idea

(Ichigo Smof) #146

i follow Dirck because he was the first overlord


Dirck hasn’t been active on Memrise for a long time (maybe 2-3 years). He left a ‘farewell message’ on his profile page.

(Ichigo Smof) #148

it wasn’t explicit about quitting

(Clex) #149

I’ve updated with the following changes:

  • Performances improvements since the database is getting big
  • Suspicious (points / words > 5000) scores are hidden
  • Top 1000 is refreshed more frequently than the rest

Feel free to give me your feedback and ideas for new features!

(Ichigo Smof) #150

how many members does memrise have?

(Lena) #151

Is it possible to range the users according to their words count? I mean to create a top list of people with the highest words score in addition to this one.

and thanks again for your great job

(Clex) #152

Yes, good idea, I’ll do that in my next update. I’ll probably also increase the minimum number of points to appear in the board, it’s getting way to big to be on a single page…

I’m not sure how many users there is on memrise now, presumably a lot =), I’ll do some stats or something once I have everyone.

(Clex) #153

New update to with the following:

  • Possibility to sort by words instead of points
  • Search added
  • Table is now paginated, not everything is displayed at once
  • Performance improvements
  • Minimum points increased from 1,000,000 to 2,500,000

(Colva) #154

That’s incredibly cool @clex, thankyou!

(Lena) #155

this is great, many thanks

(Colva) #156

I found a couple of people you’re missing, I think?

(Clex) #157

Yes, the database is still filling up automatically, little by little. That’s what made the previous version getting slower and slower…
All these people should end up being added, no worries. :slight_smile:

(L U C A) #158

Could you add also one not for points but for dailygoalstreak? You are doing some great work clex!

(Lena) #159

The leaderboard works really fast now but sometimes I miss the links to the users’ pages. For example, I see this row in the table:

561 safianis 31,867,730 28,678

however I cannot find this user on Memrise site. I find someone named safianis but their data are quite different. maybe it is a bug?

(L U C A) #160

I searched but I can’t find someone named safianis in the database from clex, I think a screenshot would help :slight_smile:. (I don’t know much about this but I really think would help very much)

(Lena) #161

lol yes it was a bug, there is no safianis on the table now though the name was there at the time I wrote the post (I copypasted the row).

(pdao) #162

Perhaps the user deleted his/her account after the latest leaderboard update but before you made your post about the name. That might explain why the name was there, then was not there.