User-Created Global Leaderboard II

(Colva) #123

I took him out, because he crossed the points/word threshold. I’ve added him back in again now.

What do people think about people crossing the cut-off, but then going (just) under again? I slightly think that if someone crosses the threshold then they should stay off this list, but would like to see what other people think.

(Lena) #124

I would disagree. There seems to be a number of people who probably decided to meet the current 5000 points/word ratio requirement because they wanted to be included on the leaderboard (which they certainly deserve), though it may be against their own learning habits. Accidental miscountings on the part of such players happen from time to time. When someone lost the ratio, I usually waited for a while before excluding them… and they improved their scores within a week.

But I totally agree that it is a time-consuming chore to make regular checkups :slight_smile:

(Colva) #125

new_peek2017’s top 200, as of 20:50 BST on 21-May-17. Only users with a points/words ratio of 5000 or less have been included. Please let me know if I’m missing anyone.

(The Four Gated Danzig) #126

Hope you have some lovely Sunday ice cream after the screenshots.

(Rody) #127

lol… :slight_smile: I see myself in there. How on earth did someone find me, I wonder…I’m not using the forum at all… Just studying :slight_smile: Must be REALLY hard work to make such a list…

(Ichigo Smof) #128

memrise is full of spies feeding the leaderboard :slight_smile:

(Colva) #129

Slightly delayed, here is new_peek2017’s all time top 200, as of 11:30am BST on 29-May-2017. Accounts with a points/words ratio of 5000 or less have been included. Please do let me know if I’m missing anyone!

(Clex) #130


I created a very basic leaderboard for users with more than 1,000,000 points.
Feel free to give any feedback.

I don’t know how OK Memrise is with this, I’ll take it down if officially asked.

Happy learning!

(Colva) #131

Wow! How often does that update? It should make it much easier for me to check who has gone over the 5000 points/word ratio!

(Clex) #132

The order of magnitude for a complete update is around a week.

I got you the users list with points/word ratio > 5000:

(Ichigo Smof) #133

that’s great!

(Ichigo Smof) #134

why is that ratio important?

(Colva) #135

Take a look at the beginning of this discussion (back in January) - 5000 is fairly arbitrary, but seemed like a sensible cut-off; 4000 was also suggested.

(Lena) #136

wow, it is brilliant!

(Lena) #137

So now we have to add some new names from Clex’s leaderboard to our top 200:

aldo.sacco.568 57,423,975 points 22,591 words 57,108,312 points 18,481 words
Balash_shukurovab 48,744,117 points 13,349 words

And it looks like Clex has to add two people our leaderboard already has:

Laurent_Grein 53,522,117 points 19,772 words
ewaw23 47,186,015 points 22,308 words

(Colva) #138

Done! Do you think it’s still worth producing the screenshots though?

(Lena) #139

If Clex’s board will be available permanently then maybe not… or at least not so often. But I think I will continue following top 500 from private_peek’s account, just in case :slight_smile:

(Clex) #140

Unless memrise asks me to get rid of it, it’s not going anywhere and it will keep updating.
And yes, some players are still missing, they’ll be automatically added little by little. :slight_smile:

Should I do something to hide the cheaters from my board?

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #141

@clex, yes please, If you could hide the cheaters from the board that would be great, so they have no bragging rights. :grin:

(Ichigo Smof) #142

define “cheaters”

i think it’s better that people are aware it’s not possible to have really a clear idea about what the points mean