User-Created Global Leaderboard II

(Lena) #102

That’s a great idea.
I made screenshots on the PC, and then cropped them using, it is good and free.

(Maxine Downunder) #103

Thanks for all your hard work - you’ve done a terrific job. Best wishes.

(Colva) #104

Here’s my first go at uploading the list, I’ve had a few technical problems with scaling the screenshot, so fingers crossed. I was hoping just to take one picture of the whole list, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to display in a readable way… I am concerned that this is still a bit small. Also, it’s only (for me) displaying part of each screenshot, but if you click it you’ll see all of the “missing” people.

new_peek2017’s alltime global leaderboard as of 14:00 BST on 6th May 17. Only accounts with a points/words ratio of 5000 or less are included.

(Colva) #105

If anyone can show me how to make it display all of each image, I’ll go in and edit it, sorry! The strange thing is I see the whole image in the “preview post” screen, but not in the final thing.

(Ichigo Smof) #106

1 picture of the whole list … I think you need special software for that

(Colva) #107

I managed to take the picture, after downloading a browser extension and changing browsers, but it’s too big to upload! The forum has limits on both the size of the file, and the size of the image, that it will show.

(Lena) #108

Thanks for the leaderboard! It does not look small at all.

Yes, part of each graphic file is hidden, it may be the way this forum engine handles them… when I tried to upload bigger pictures, they were diminished to an unreadable size, maybe in your case it is cropping. I ended up breaking the list in small parts (12-15 names each) so I could be sure they would be seen.
BTW what software do you use to crop the screenshots?

(Colva) #109

Thanks @gardariki! I cropped them just using the standard mac preview, which has a screenshot function. I think next time I’ll just take more screenshots direct from the webpage, rather than first making a huge picture of the whole list and then breaking it up. I managed it with only 8 images this time, but spent a lot of time compressing the image etc first.

(Lena) #110

yes, the less processing you have to make, the easier it is. If your screenshot preview has a ‘fixed-sized selection’ function, it can make the process still faster, not to make selection manually each time.

(Ichigo Smof) #111

there are pieces missing

(Colva) #112

click on the image and you’ll see the whole picture, you can scroll through them.

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #113

Use Imgur or similar? And .jpg or best perhaps .gif files will be smaller.

(Colva) #115

the issue is the size of the image when it’s the whole thing, I can upload it now, but only a small preview shows (see below). Next time I’ll chop it into smaller bits, so all of each bit shows (gardariki was chopping it into about 12 people at a time), but I’ve spent ages on this today! Next weekend…

(Lena) #116

btw, when I click on this preview, I can see the whole thing properly and I am offered to download it. So this way is possible too, maybe no need to chop it into small pieces?

(Colva) #117

ooh, I hadn’t noticed that! well, I’ll see what other people say.

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #118

I’d just save it as a gif, upload it, then link to the image like you’ve done or like so:

(Marbella002) #119

Thanks a lot. It is also readable in this form.

(Lurajane) #120

Thank you for doing this. When I click on the picture I see an image that is complete, but too tiny to be readable. But then (it took me a while to figure this out), I can click on that image and open it in a new tab. And then I can use command + to enlarge the photo. I can see and read all the names in one image that I can scroll up and down. It’s great.

But mostly I’ll just be spot checking to see if there is anyone I need to add or delete from my watch list. If I have the same few names at 180, then my list matches.

(Colva) #121

new_peek2017’s top 200, as of 16:00 BST on 14th May 2017. Only users with a points/words ratio of 5000 or less have been included. Please let me know if I’m missing anyone.

(Lena) #122

Please include JoseUrias (70,511,254 points 14,273 words).