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Yeah, like you @isharr I do around 100,000 a day. No more. Usually 750,000 to 1,000,000 a week now, It’s mad that @tampora can get 1.5mil+ a week! Keep up the good work though! And do you guys have goals? I’m aiming for 10-15 million. :slight_smile:

(𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ... 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #286

To be honest, my only goals are to not break streaks and to remain on-level with @smutsigakläder (who apparently doesn’t have a community account, judging by the lack of autocomplete) who, though several thousand words/millions of points my superior, is generally on-pace on my leaderboard; because our follow is reciprocal and we’re both consistently active, sometimes we chase each other up and down the board — sort of nice.

I think if I made a points goal, I’d go mad. I mean, I’ve been here about six months, so it’s easy to see you end up with rather a lot (nineteen mil, without really putting that much effort in) just so long as you show up every day. I don’t think about the points so much as trying to make sure my points/words ratio doesn’t get worse than 1:3000 (not always so easy, when too tired to do more than review everything).

@MarshallLanguages, you’re Japanese/French/German triple-learner, right? Do you focus particularly on one language, sometimes only reviewing to maintain (rather than learning new words every day) on one/two of them? I just find myself switching my focus every few weeks, letting things on another subject sink in before I come back to them, review and move on. Wondered if learning more than one language is like that for anyone else?

(Tampora) #287

I’m aiming for 1st place in the all time leaderboard…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
:rofl: Nah, I’m just hoping to learn Japanese well and hopefully next year re-add French into my learning and Korean.
The points are just a side effect of the learning, lol.
But 1st place would be good, haha. :slightly_smiling_face:

(𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ... 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #288

You have a lot of Japanese courses. Kudos, obviously – Japanese is pretty tricky… I wouldn’t be able to learn it. Plus, maintaining that many streaks definitely would send me mad. Aiming for it or not, you’re on your way to being first on the all time leaderboard (except for the cheaters, who really don’t count).

Hope you do put French back in the new year. I could do with someone to practice with, lol.

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #289

Yes I am, I basically change every week. It’s a LOT to keep on top of. But it’s manageable.

I have 1 million points on Memrise’s Korean 1 course at the moment. So I do 4 languages @isharr. lol. It may seem overwheling on doing 4 different languages at once. But I’m just one of those people who can retain so much info at once. I’ve just learnt to remember all the vocab for these things.

I may not have anywhere NEAR @tampora’s 100 million points. As I have a mere 6 million. But I don’t do it as often, and because I do 4 languages. But yes I do review rather than learn 100 words a day, but overall I’m just going at my own pace. Trying to eventually reach top 1000 or even just 15 million! But if you want to do Korean @tampora. You’ve got some catching up to do :wink:.

But enough of me blabbing on about my learning. How many languages are YOU guys learning? :hugs:

  • 1 Language is enough for me! :grinning:
  • 2, I like a challenge. :grin:
  • I do 3, as I have nothing better to do :unamused:
  • Well, I do 4! :star_struck:
  • I do 5+… My life is built on Memrise :confounded:

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(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #290

My goal is by the end of my life is to have more than @tampora has now.

(𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ... 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #291

German, French, Norwegian, early Solvenian, and some very casual Gaeilge… But five. I get bored easily.

I do more German than anything else and Norwegian is so easy I think I could probably do it while sleeping, so French is my slowly-starting-to-make-sense challenge, and Gaeilge because… Well, was interested to see how it differs from Gaelic and Manx. Slovenian was just because I have a Slovenian friend, and it was there — you know how it can be when you get bored and don’t think you can learn even one more word in your main learning language. Just needed a change.

Actually, I hadn’t noticed I was working on five. No wonder I always seem to have courses left to do, no matter how much time I put aside for stuff.

Back on topic (sort of), I wonder when the global leaderboard will finally update. Has anyone seen @clex recently?

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #292

I hope PI and Periodic Table count as languages.

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #293

No. They wouldn’t. It has to be an official language. e,g. Polish, Spanish, German etc.

(Account under review) #294

yes hi i am fluent in periodic table

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #295

Then why don’t you try my course?

And how about PI? All I can do is 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399 (45 d.p)

(Account under review) #296

Are you sure you didn’t copy paste that from google?

(Account under review) #298

Really pushing that character limit eh

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@lurajane. Sorry about this being off-topic. Should I move these posts into a new topic?

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Wow. I’ve just noticed this.

Most liked this year? I’m flattered. I’ve gotten so much support in my first year here and to achieve this really takes the cake. And becoming a Leader in a year, I’m blown away by all the support I get. Thanks for letting me be a part of this great community Memrise!

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@clex, Do ya know when the board might update? As it says I have 4,552,365 points when I really have 6,043,302 points. And am trying to achieve 15 million by the end of 2019. :slight_smile:
Speak Soon. ML

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It says he hasn’t posted since November 1st. Hmmm. Maybe just working on Memtop

(𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ... 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #304

Yeah. Checked that after I asked… Maybe he’s just busy — sometimes nobody feels like learning anything, and if you’re not on the main site, you sort of end up forgetting the forum’s even here. What this forum needs is a Discord channel (if it hasn’t one already), so people can be off-topic without getting an axe to the face and keep up with each other somewhere not so out of the way.

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #305

Yeah, a Discord channel would be great! Be who would run and monitor it? Maybe some community volunteers and at least one Staff Member. But I could try setting one up with you?

(Account under review) #306

I think the staff have kind of got their hands full at the moment