User-Created Global Leaderboard II

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #265

Im 38000th :sweat_smile:

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #266

I mean 32000th i have catching up to do

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #267

I agree. I am only 2 years on Memrise and doing 20+ courses. Repetion is getting so big that I hardly can add any new words.

(Adrian) #268

Personally, I don’t review everything. When your words reach about 7 months to a year I feel like you should just delete/ignore them. A whole year of retaining a word is more than enough.

In any case, if you watch or read constantly in your target language, those words will eventually appear and your reviewing cycle will restart, so even 7 months is a bit stretching it for the more common words. I recommend taking a look at your courses and ignoring some stuff that you’re 100% sure you won’t forget.

(Tampora) #269

I have a slight problem with reviewing more often than learning new words. :tired_face:
I all ways have to constantly review things as I just easily forget things.
I think I will start to attempt to start adding in more reading practice and maybe that will help then. :slight_smile:

(Ang) #270

@clex, Sorry, the board is not updating yet.
Thanks for your work.

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #271

Can I join?
My link is on my user card (click my pic)
I have 2.6 mill in this moment in time.

(Clex) #272

It looks like there has been an update on Memrise side that broke memtop, I’ll take a look one of these days but I’m very busy at the moment, sorry about that.

(Clex) #273

Just follow me, you’ll be added automatically.

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #274

Checked, I’m 62342nd place.

(𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ... 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #275

Aw man… I’m nearly 10,000 positions down… I really ought to study more.

Nice to see a global board, though!

edit: Actually, on second glance, I have like 5mil more than it thinks I do. Guess it updates slow.

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #276

I’m in 34386th. What are you in @isharr?

(𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ... 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #277

9887 — but it only shows me to have 11mil instead of 16mil, and to have learnt about half the words I have, so maybe I’m not so low… Or maybe everyone ahead of me has also racked up a ton of points, and I’m even lower. Oh well. Not like I was actually in competition with anyone other than myself, lol.

(ramajana) #278

How can I follow you?

(ramajana) #279

Following :slight_smile:

(𝕄eͥmrͣiͫรe ) #280

Just got 6 million. :slight_smile: Not bad for that in 2 years, eh?
And it says I have 4.5 million…

(Tampora) #281

Yeah, the site hasn’t updated in quite a while.
As it says I have 91 million still, but I currently have 114 million.

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #282

And I have 3 mill. In one year.

(𝓛ı𝕥𝕥lꦌ ꞗɪᴙᶑ ... 𝓑ⅈ𝘨 𝓦ᵒʳ𝔩̲ꝺ̲) #283

Yeah. Following you is just depressing. You work so hard all the time! Even when active, I only do about a hundred thousand a day. You do crazy more than that! How do you find enough time?

(Tampora) #284

Short answer… Boredom, lol.
Haha, I just get a tad addicted to it to be honest, in my free time, even if I’m watching tv, waiting for food to cook etc, I’m usually on memrise at the same time.
I usually try and have the weekends off from it (still do the reviews though) to give my brain a rest, especially lately since trying to learn 50 - 100 words a day it is frying my brain, ie; why this week I have mainly just been reviewing and not really adding any new words.
Plus my brain forgets things all the time, so I find myself reviewing the same courses over and over just to get things to stick a bit better. :persevere::slightly_smiling_face: