User-Created Global Leaderboard II

(Ang) #224

memtop is not available, I always get an “Application error”. It’s the same with you?

(Mark Mcewen 3981) #225

I have the same problem.

(Marbella002) #226

I have the same problem too

(Ang) #227

It’s here again :smile: Thank you!

(Blaine7) #228

Hi there,
I’ve been having more than 2.500.000 points for 10 days now and I am still not on the list. Is it normal that it takes that long? Or is there anything else I have to do?

(Lurajane) #229

Did you follow Clex?

(Blaine7) #230

Yes, I did. At least, he is now listed as one of my “mempals”. I hope that’s correct.

(Blaine7) #231

Ok, I’m on it, now :slight_smile:

Is this allowed?
(Silverbear) #232

Memtop is throwing an application error for me today. Anyone else having the same problem?

(Lurajane) #233

Me too. I think there is suddenly a huge increase in internet-wide security checks and verifications. Today several completely unrelated work and personal sites are unavailable due to “certificates”.

(Silverbear) #234

Memtop is the only one I’ve noticed so far - thanks for the heads up.

(Oric Atmos48 K) #235

383th after 4 years :slight_smile:

(The Crasher) #236

Same here! I totally agree! So what? Some people don’t like it?

(Montgomerry) #237

I see I should rank among the top 500 by the number of points (having reached 2.5M years ago), though I’m not on the list.

Around post 151 and again at post 217, there is a link to a marvelous user-created Global Leaderboard by @Clex that applies a filter so that it doesn’t count users with an abnormally high number of points per word.

could that be the reason? If so, it’s not ideal, as I have indeed a few times reset my progress to start re-learning my vocabulary sets from scratch. and that only resets the number of words, not the points, hence increasing the ratio even though theres no hint of cheating in that, only improvement.
having said that, even after resetting my primary course progress twice I still have a higher ratio than some others with similar number of points, so I’m not sure how I am filtered out :).

(Lurajane) #238

Yes, the filter was set somewhat arbitrarily at 5000 points per word. You’re at 4800.I think there was more-or-less consensus around that number. Maybe it should have been 6000. But when there is no limit at all the list gets filled with users who are doing something other than learning chunks of stuff. As you have pointed out, for many the “something other” may be re-learning, review, drill, practice, etc, not necessarily “cheating”.

(Ang) #239

Memtop hasn’t updated for at least 3 weeks!? What’s the matter?

(Lurajane) #240

@clex - the list isn’t updating again.

(Silverbear) #241

@blaine Memtop hasn’t worked for about 5 weeks now. Any chance you can work your magic again?

(☄✨MemriseMasterSherwi✨☄) #242

Salutations, I suggest we build a poll and ask Memrise Developers for our views:

  • Don’t care it is da wae of me
  • Worst Idea
  • I dunno
  • I will kill anyone with more points than me, I am prepared to arm my AK47

0 voters


(Silverbear) #244

Sorry @blaine, I should have said @clex.