User-Created Global Leaderboard II

(Lurajane) #204

Look - people used to complain about “cheaters” on the leader boards. I would prefer to avoid that term.

The point is that without some sort of cap or filter, a substantial number of the “leaders” are people who are using the site for a purpose such as “Look, I set up this program to run continuously and generate 100,000,000 points per month! Aren’t I clever!”

I think the cap should ideally be higher than 5000, but if someone earns, say, 120,000,000 points in a course with 100 words, so they have a million points per word, then their score is meaningless. There have always been users who figure out ways to do that - well, good for them I suppose, but whatever they are doing it has no place in a leaderboard.

I don’t understand why auto-grow would effect the cap. Can you explain what you’re thinking about the math?

(Clex) #205


Sorry, I just came back from holidays. It’s now fixed!

(Casper Duo) #206

With the auto grow script people can artificially raise the number of learned words too, so there is nothing really to prevent them from screwing around with the ratio as well.
The countermeasures don’t really prevent anything.

Did you consider they might have rested their courses?
It will reset their word count but not their points, I believe.

(Colva) #207

Thanks clex!


(Lurajane) #208

Yes, but this would LOWER the number of points per word, not raise it. A cap on points per word would not keep somebody using auto-grow from being on a points leaderboard.

Yes, of course. Either by hand or by using a script they may have chosen to restart the course 600 times. Maybe there should be an entirely separate leader board set up so that select users can compete for how many times they repeated the same course. (sarcasm).

(Casper Duo) #209

Weekly leaderboard top 100.

(Petr R Skupad8) #210

Woah! I am also there !(?) Quite a nice surprise! (48th) :star_struck:

(Casper Duo) #211

That was exactly my point. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Cheaters can always use it to get within the necessary ratio.
If they spent the time to artificially raise their points, why not do the same for their words count too?

I only mentioned it because I know of a guy who rested his course but didn’t think it would reset his word count as well.
He didn’t learn just 800 words…

I would say that most of the active community members are there.
If you don’t see your name it probably only because you scored below the top 100 table for this week.

(Ichigo Smof) #212

i think you are a bit too obsessed by having theright person on top

what if somebody does a course about gis mothertongue?

i once did a course on chess
100% correct
how to tackle that kind of ‘fake’ courses?

and you’re going to waste more time on finding out who should be in it and who not, then if you just plump everybody in it

stop making it important, and cheaters will leave eventually

  • except for nutcases, but nothing can stop a nutcase


Just out of interest, how are you sourcing the names for inclusion in your weekly list?

(Casper Duo) #214

Well, it’s not an exact science, and as you’re capped with a max of 500 members that you can follow, you can only take a rough snapshot to estimate how well you’re doing compered with the other members.

What I basically did was to follow 500 members (in a separate account than my normal one), that I took from one of the members here, who maintained the global leaderboard. After that, I filtered the list and took only the top 100 members and added them to my personal account (which also includes a lot of recognized members from the forum that I added manually).

So finally I arrived at a core count of roughly 150 members, which seemed to be nowadays the highest preforming, while still leaving a lot of room to spare as to expend the list with additional future entries.

(Casper Duo) #215

Weekly leaderboard top 100

(Casper Duo) #216

Weekly leaderboard top 100

(Lurajane) #217

@clex - It’s been a while (couple weeks?) since the Memtop board updated. I really, really, really appreciate the feature if it is maintainable.

(Clex) #218

Thanks for the heads-up, it’s fixed. Updates are coming back soon.

(Casper Duo) #219

Weekly leaderboard top 100

(Ang) #220

There are Balash_shukurov and Balash_shukurovab with the same number of words!?
Are they twins or are they cheating?

(The Four Gated Danzig) #221

I’m reposting the link so it’s easier to see for new people of the thread.

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #222

Hi @clex, I was looking through the course list, and then thought it would be nice to have a list like this for the courses too, but then with the possibility of organizing or filtering by (category and) length and title and number of users and creator.

(Clex) #223

Sorry this can’t be done easily unfortunately.