User-Created Global Leaderboard II

(Casper Duo) #183

I mainly use the turbo, all multiple choice, and infinite learning scripts.

For learning new lessons I can reach between 45K~60K (with the official courses).
You’re still getting tapping, audio questions, and a bit of typing.

For review, you get just multiple choice questions. If all questions are 150, you can even get to 160K per hour. The problem is that I don’t get enough to review… And I’m doing more than 200 words per day. My review count is 0 now almost always as I’m doing them immediately. Very slowly racking up which makes it difficult to gather a lot of points.

I’m trying to beat my leaderboard for the first time this week, but that is proving difficult to do without a lot of reviews.

I’ve hoped to reach 2m points this week (the pace I need to become overlord in 1 year).
I’m lagging far behind.
But as my word count increase and I get more words to review, it will become easier I expect.

I don’t think it’s accurate at all but that is a nice chart.
Looks to be quite evenly divided. A good representation of how I divide my time.

Since today I’ve already learned 260 words, and I have 0 words to review, I don’t have much left to do unless I just want to keep studying new words.


That’s impressive. I don’t know anyone on the Czech courses who get that many points.
I do wonder though if you really learn as much with these multiple choice questions. I try to avoid them because I believe my spelling will be better if I type in all the answers.

Good luck with your ambitious goals!

(Colva) #185

Good luck @Casper_duo! You will have to spend really a long time every day on it.

Personally, I found that I learn much less fro the multiple choice tests, as you’re only learning to pick the right answer from a few choices rather than remember it from scratch, so I don’t tend to do them. But it depends on the course, and on why you’re learning.

(Casper Duo) #186

I just know that my accuracy improved to more than 96%.
You can view here some screenshots at the bottom:

That is basically how every session is going now (for some languages/courses at least).

Maybe at first, for a low number of words, it would seem like a more shallow learning, but once your word count reaches tens of thousands, and you’re tested on random words you’ve not seen for a very long time, combined with the response speed, the level of difficulty will increase greatly, and your recall will be put that much more under stress.

I’m also trying to increase difficulty, with every question, as I’m quickly trying to recall, at least part, of the answer before looking at them. I’ve noticed that after some exposure a lot of the vocabulary get internalize quite well. Tapping is also going extremely well now. I would like to contribute it to improvement in memory capacity as the load is greater. I’ve currently set it in the setting to introduce 10 words per session, which works well, but I thought maybe to try to increase it higher to put more strain.

I think you learn a lot more with this method as you cover a lot of ground faster, and you’re still tested on the exact same material. The small “details” are not as important and can always be practiced better at a later date, or at a place such as Duolingo which is better suited for typing tests, where you’re not marked wrong for every little typo. Not to mention, that with typing you would always lag behind on your reviews and create a significant backlog unless you slow your pace way down.

++ It’s more fun. :upside_down_face:

(Overlord Hydroptère) #187

this thread is about something else: if you want to share your experience and you did not find the right thread, use PM!

(Ichigo Smof) #188

It looks as if Neko-chan is missing in the Global LB
She has over 120 000 000 points at the moment.

(Lurajane) #189

5035 points per word.

(Ichigo Smof) #190

What do you mean?

(Lurajane) #191

Dozens of posts above have explained that the global leaderboard, as defined in this thread, includes users with fewer than 5000 points per learned word. @neko-chan could learn a couple hundred new words and be restored to the board.

The cap was raised from 4000 points per word to 5000 points per word in January by consensus to be sure that Neko-chan would be included.

What do people think? Raise the cap to include Neko-chan and possibly other long-term users who earn points by continuing to water words learned years ago? Or stay at 5000?

(Neko Chan) #192

Just a little sidenote from me, because I was mentioned: Actually after all these discussions I think I don’t mind being on that list that much anymore, because I somehow have the feeling that these lists are somewhat unbalanced/ unfair anyways since they don’t differentiate between points acquired through typing and non-typing-tests, which is in my opinion (and based on my long experience) a HUGE difference (in regards to the learning effect as well as how fast you can accumulate points). I understand that this would be rather difficult (and in the end the points you get have little to do with what you really got out of your learning session - they are only there to motivate you -) and that is exactly why I don’t care that much anymore.
And one other thing to think about, that I think might be really important: My points-per-word-ratio seems to be not good enough for this new list and somewhere in this thread (way up above, months ago, I think :sweat_smile: I was already told I would do some “intense drilling” with some courses. My point is just that I simply don’t see it that way. I might be wrong, but I just can’t see any use in learning new words if there is a pile of old ones that need to be reviewed to be remembered properly. To me that seems really ineffective from the learning perspective and thus I don’t want to do that. There would not really be that much of a learning benefit, it would be more or less just for the points because in the long run, it would only mean more and more words piling up longer than they should until I’m able to review them.
I have used memrise for many many years and want to continue doing so, but I also know what memrise’s system can’t really offer that well, when it comes to learning a new language (grammar is just one example), so I try other methods to achieve that actual goal as well. But exactly because I’m doing this, it is impossible for me (and most likely not very useful anyways) to spend (at the moment) 3 to 5 hours every day just to do my memrise review - which is exactly what I would need to do to review everything that needs to be reviewed. That is the reason why I hardly add new words (thus the “bad” points-per-word-ratio) and have to decide which reviews are most important at the moment and which can/ have to wait.

Of course this is only my personal approach to learning a new language, but after all I really don’t think that this would be possible with learning vocabulary alone (which is what memrise is mainly designed for, if we are all being honest - sadly - learning grammar can be a real pain in the butt afer all :sweat_smile:

That all being said I still want to thank @IchigoSmof for caring about me being on the list (and don’t get me wrong, it feels nice being there :grinning: . I really appreciate that. This shows that I still could get, what I really wanted from being on that list: Someone who sees your learning effort and acknowledges you for that, no matter how many points you have per word or how quick you learn new ones.

(Lurajane) #193

I don’t think anyone was critical of points earned from long term review.

The question remains - how to filter the leader board so that it isn’t dominated by users running point-harvesting scrips?

(Roflcopterlol) #194

I guess I would like to echo the same point as stated above. The points to me are meaningless because the typing tests are not weighted more than non-typing tests. Also - a metric based upon “number of words currently >X days til review” would be nice for me. To know what my true vocabulary is … approximately of course. Or even points based upon languages, so i know who has the most points only in regards to the language I am learning. etc. But - because there are so many vast differences with who learns what and how, that I am satisfied enough being in the top 1000.

(Ichigo Smof) #195

i just like to see an overview
i don’t carehow they got their points
it’s not a race


I agree with all you say. There are simply too many inconsistencies in the current scoring system for leaderboards to be anything more than ‘a bit of fun’. Examples:

  • Typing v non-typing
  • app v website
  • speed tests v routine review
  • additional review v routine review
  • speed bonuses (the website awards more points for correctly typing a two-letter word than correctly typing a 12-word phrase)
  • when planting/learning, getting 50 points for a correct tapping test answer but only 45 points for a correctly typed answer.
  • complexity of language being learned.
  • language courses v non-language courses
  • ‘word count’ is a misnomer (words, phrases, items from non-language courses, duplicates, etc)

Course leaderboards are probably the most relevant ones but, even these are affected by some of the scoring inconsistencies listed above.

For all that, the global leader retains interest!

(Lurajane) #197

Well, duh, of course the points have limited value. The “point” of this thread is that many users nonetheless find them useful or entertaining or motivating despite the admitted inherent flaws of comparing apples and oranges. And while “words” is not an accurate descriptor for the chunks of information on Memrise, it is useful to apply some filter to the leaderboard that separates out members who have accumulated vast numbers of points via methods that don’t involve learning chunks of information.

(Ichigo Smof) #198

however you do it, accumulating over a 10p million of points costs a lot of time and effort

(Lurajane) #199

Not necessarily. See posts 162-165 in this thread, for example; I’m not sure what that user did or why, but I rather doubt that he invested a great deal of time and effort in accumulating his massive point total in a single small course containing 113 words.

Now I wouldn’t necessarily call what he did “cheating”, because I don’t know his intent. Was his goal to become overlord or rise in the ranks or win a classroom point challenge? Maybe he could simply be a student taking a computer programing course, and using Memrise to practice setting up a script. Or maybe his score is a Memrise bug. Sure, you can look at his profile and say,

But even if you don’t care how he got the points, why would you want him to be in a global leaderboard?

(Ichigo Smof) #200

because he’s part of it anyway

(Colva) #202

Hi @clex, I’ve noticed that memtop doesn’t seem to be updating any more? I wondered whether maybe it was something to do with the introduction of the wondrous (ahem) ziggy styling, as it happened at the same time?

It’d be great if you could fix it, I’ve been finding it really motivational to be able to list people by words learned as well as by points.


(Casper Duo) #203

Would you guys be interested in a weekly global leaderboard posted here?
I think it is more interesting than the all times one.

The cap is totally meaningless as anyone can auto grow words.
What is the point?