User-Created Global Leaderboard II

(Lurajane) #1

Some history:

In early Memrise days, year ago, there was a public global leaderboard. There were so many complaints about hacking and cheating, that Memrise decided to hide the leaderboard.

Later (2012?) community members liked the idea of a top-50 list, and began assembling the list in a thread in the community forum. Members on the forum proposed names and the number of points they had. By consensus, the top-50 list as built in the forum excluded certain members whose scores didn’t seem to represent whatever the forum participants wanted.

That hand-maintained list worked well for a couple months, then Memrise staff (Ben?) posted the link to the top-secret global leader board.

Ever since then, that list was alway labeled “top secret”, and I don’t recall it ever being touted by Memrise. I would imagine it’s probably still out there somewhere.

Global leaderboard
User Created Global Leaderboard
Global leaderboard
(Lena) #2

Actually, nothing prevents us from building that top-50 list once again if anybody likes the idea

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #3

Okay I like that idea. But no pressure, it’s a pretty blasé liking. I’d better like a top 500 leaderboard, but even about that I’d still be pretty blasé.

(Lurajane) #4

Okay, like @Arete_Hime, I also have a pretty blasé liking of the idea of a jointly created leaderboard.

I think the way we would start it is to share the leaders on our personal boards. Then you can follow them to your own leaderboards, or someone can combine the lists and post here.

So I’ll start by sharing the overlords I follow:

(Lena) #5

I can give a list of some names I collected. Not sure we can share a top-500, esp. as a screenshot, it would be a huge file. And we obviously need to exclude some of known cheaters… I think there should be some decent proportion between points number and words number.

extremedream 314,922,574 Points
romzez 272,647,651 points
addiep53 256,104,735 points
pdao 161,631,539 Points
ferret 155,663,789 points
Doori7257 138,280,725 points
Dirck 130,021,791 points
neko-chan 107,526,988 points
the.gibbon 106,598,279 points
Hydroptère 96,327,205 points
sawells.bath 94,301,202 points
mist84 93,706,734 points
goya26 80,331,233 Points
Kaspian 80,294,409 Points
karenbarker 76,799,624 points
omako2012 71,159,675 points
WafiAlbakar37 68,032,314 points
Heiner52 66,430,192 points
pappas_nya_bil 60,565,763 points
MareNi 59,472,615 points
jasimpson68 59,079,990 points
ismail.ghedamsif3 58,474,913 points
nic.mardle 55,730,571 points
RunningB 55,347,858 points
ginghisklown 55,149,984 points
pittfever20 55,105,958 points

(Lena) #6

Hi, Happy New Year to all.
Here is a top-48 as I managed to compile it. I am sure there are more people to include, please inform me about them if you are interested.
I don’t include players if their words number / points number proportion is lower than 1/4000.

(Lurajane) #7

Thank you!

(Lurajane) #8

Are you willing to share the Memrise ID that is following these users? I’d like to go to that profile page to click the “follow” buttons.

(Lena) #9


(Lurajane) #10

Top-50 names to add:ælreow/

I really like your cut-off of no more than 4000 points per word. It’s a nice, clean, simple cut-off that doesn’t necessarily imply that members are cheating. Users not included may be doing extensive drilling or repetition, or repeating courses in a different script, or even be two people sharing a single Memrise subscription.

(Lena) #11

Thanks for the new names, they will be included next time (in a week or in 10 days maybe). About the cut-off – yes you are right, it is more about what kind of achievements are interesting (or not so interesting) for me personally, and of course many different versions of the leaderboard are possible.

(Lena) #12

All-time Top-60 as of Jan 09 UTC+3 11.30

(Lurajane) #13

Thank you for assembling the list. For me, I feel like this information frames the range of learning possibilities, Even if I’m not in the competition, (maybe especially since I’m not in the competition) this information gives me a sense of what is possible, and that knowledge supports my efforts and my learning. It’s like if you read about athletes completing marathons in 2:30, that information helps you set a goal to complete a marathon in 4:45.

(Neko Chan) #14

Hm. Although some of you seem to like it, I really do feel a little excluded.:grinning:
You pointed out that excluded people (with the 4000per word ratio) don’t necessarily have to cheat. I think it also is an important difference if you are doing mainly typing or no-typing courses, because than you might very well need more time (and get less points) to really learn a word, which might result in what was called intense drilling. I don’t think that I’m doing some intense drilling, but still there are plenty of words that need review and learning new ones at this point would not help me remember the old ones :grin:
Just something worth thinking about I assume.:smile_cat:

(Overlord Hydroptère) #15

well, there is some intense drilling going (28,320,131 “top 6000” as of today), of course, that is necessary, especially for a translator. I probably agree that drilling is not a bad idea, at least sometimes

(Neko Chan) #16

Probably that is some kind of discussion about definitions. I think calling something drilling only applies if I repeat something I already know sufficiently, which is not the case in the specific course you pointed out. That course is the main course I learn (at least one of the main courses), and I have been dedicating time to it for more than 5 years now (I think, I’m not quite sure, too much time passed :sweat_smile:), so still I’m not sure that this is drilling, but this discussion is all about definitions, I think. Furthermore the main thing I wanted to point out is the typing- no typing- difference, since courses with no typing tend to produce less mistakes (thus less points per word, if I understand the system correctly) when trying to learn them (at least that is my experience).

(Kaspian) #17

I made an Excel chart back in August, looking at the top 50 at the time and comparing total points to words learned. (I also noted other things, such as number of mems created, number of courses taught, streak badge, etc.) My goal was to evaluate who was likely to be using Memrise as intended.

(For the record: Although @neko-chan has a high points-per-word ratio, she also has created over 2400 mems and has a 630-day streak. IMO, that means she belongs on the list.)

Today, I followed all of private_peak’s mempals, as well as the remaining legitimate users on my August Excel chart.

Here’s the resulting list, as of Jan 13, 2017 at 7:53pm UTC:

(Ang) #18

Can anybody extend the list to maybe 100 or 200?

(Ultra-Sadist Delinquent) #19

(Lena) #20

Probably yes just give us some time to assemble more people with high scores. So far my top-100 is very incomplete.