Use keyboard to answer faster

Hi worldwide learners!

I’ve just seen that it was possible to answer questions using the numbers on the keyboard.
I would like to keep using the numbers to answer faster, however it seems that only 1 and 2 are working. If the correct answer is the fourth for example, there is no way to select it with the keyboard.

Has anyone got an idea to solve this?


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Like when you have multiple choice questions? I am able to answer using all numbers 1-8, so the issue might be on your end. If you have a keyboard with a numpad on the side and also numbers above the letters, you can try using the other set of numbers (as in: not the set you have already tried).

I have no problems with that. I use the number keys in the top row, not the numpad.

Thank you for the quick answers guys.
I’m using a MacBook Air, don’t know what’s wrong. I’ll try to tinker something.
If anyone encountered the same issue, please let me know :slight_smile:

I’m also using a Macbook - both a Pro and an Air that belongs to work - and I’ve always been able to type any of the numbers to answer multiple choice questions. It might help if you say what browser and what version of the browser you’re using. It might also help if you clear your browser cache and all your cookies, quit the browser, restart it and log back in to memrise, and see if the problem still happens. Also, you could say whether you’re encountering this problem on just one course, or multiple courses.

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Same thing here, on PC (Chrome). Numbers used to work until recently, now they don’t any longer, not even 1 or 2. Have already logged out and back in again etc. Probably something about the Java or HTML5?
It would be great to have them back (num block and top row) as it can keep you from having to switch between keyboard and mouse when some answers are typed, some selected.
Admins please could you look into this?
Memrise rocks.

found the culprit, it’s the Vimium Chrome extension! there’re lots of suspects to override keyboard shortcuts in browsers these days…!

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Gosh thanks for that, sneaky bastard Vimium