Upgrade suggestion

Please add the option to make customizable folders to organize courses it will be a great help


Hi @renecobain279, there is already (or was) something to be able to group courses - but I haven’t used it, so I hope one of the old yet regular hands will be able to answer it for you.

Cc @alanh, @Olaf.Rabbachin


Found it - it’s called Groups.

Top right on the web is
Home Courses Groups Icon (Avatar)

Although this is for sharing with friends, it does seem to allow you group certain subjects into collections (ie several courses under a theme) ie this may be what you mean by Folders.

Have a play.

ALSO on the web, you can filter your courses by Recent or subject - the drop down is just under the word Group and your Icon/ Avatar on your home page.

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The OP’s suggestion is a good one. If you have a large number of courses on your dashboard, including many of the same language/subject, it can take too long scrolling through them to find the one you want to work on. I’m not sure that the filter on the web version or the group function will help much.

Olaf made a similar suggestion in this earlier related forum discussion: It would be great if we could have the option to hide a course from our dashboards . The comment from JBorrego didn’t sound like we can expect anything soon though.

Thank you this is very helpful but i needed tgat choice on my phone i don’t have computer i study on phone :slightly_frowning_face:

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it used to be possible to ‘pin’ courses you were working on so they were shown on your dashboard, and all the other courses were in a separate folder. This was removed, as a classic ‘improvment’ to the user interface…
I use groups to hold the courses together I’m actively working on, but this does not work very well. Memrise forgets you were in a group when you exit a course, you can’t review within the group or anything else.


I had forgotten about ‘pinning’. Those were the days!

I can’t think of anything that would help the OP, who only uses the app. The workaround I use (described in the forum topic I linked to in my previous post) is a bit clunky but I mostly use the web version, so it’s manageable. A method of managing a large number of courses on the app would be good to have.

Sadly, the “Improvements to the Dashboard” topic in the Memrise Announcements area of the forum has gone a bit quiet lately.

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I have to agree, the app is even more restricted than the web version. And the fact that I find the full list load on the app to be substantially less painful than on the web version is surely a small consolation…

Sorry to hear that.
And I agree more options with the App would be helpful.

I just thought as you had found the Forum you did have access to a computer.


It’s very small but have you thought of accessing the web version with a browser on your phone?
I do sometimes.

And it doesn’t work on mobile phone cause i use the app on my mobile

There’s a forum extention for mobile

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Thanks, that must be new.

PS I’ve just looked on Android and can’t find it.

Yours looks like a Chrome browser tab or special view, if I’m not mistaken.

It is, and tge Mobile version doesn’t have groups option

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I’m curios, how did you find out about the Forum Community?

My upgrade suggestion is actually a downgrade or reversal suggestion. The visual of the app really feel like they have taken a step backwards. There’s nothing functionally wrong with it but it feels cheaper. Where as before the graphics felt like a thoughtful, playful, colorful fun expession with nice visual effects of the plants growing and blooming, it now feel like a pixilated flatter cut back graphically. The animation of the plants is almost non existent. it simply adds on a almost craft paper like low pixelated layer. The “planets” feel like this as well. It’s not as fun to look at. The Memrise Logo definitely improved. But the rest fell behind graphically. It’s sad.