(Updated) Continue Learning (new words) and Classic Review - Suggested clarification of categories

On the Android App (and perhaps on other platforms), I am always confused by what @MemriseSupport means by “Continue Learning”.

I like to fully learn a level (grow to a flower) before I do a “Classic Review” (ie the normal watering once fully planted).

However, your definition of “Continue Learning” (big yellow button) can include going back into the last level and watering items - ie reinforcing the things previously started to learn (ie even if fully grown to a flower). It can even offer a “Speed Review”.

PS perhaps what I want is “Continue Planting and Growing” (only) not reinforcing.

Thankfully I have just discovered that the “Learn” at the bottom takes me to a screen with all the levels, which is where I have to go after pressing the yellow button.

So, I’d like “Continue Learning” to mean new words or complete learning those that have not reached a flower.

PS not necessarily - ie ignore this And “Reinforce” would perhaps be what you are currently offering and then there’s the “Classic Review” sometime later.

What do you (and others) think?

I suppose it simply means “start a learning-session with whatever comes next”.

I do think that common sense among all writers here is really that it makes absolutely no sense to split the learning process into two separate sessions.

I presume the thought behind this was that you might want to have one session on day #1 and then come back to another three reps on day #2. That could actually make sense for some people. However, for “intensive” learners this is really more of a nuisance. That said, to me it’s just that - I simply start the next session right away in order to “fully plant” whatever count of words I learned in session #1. Takes another few seconds, but then again I spend - every day! - at least 2min with scrolling in the course-list in order to move from one course to the next, just because someone dumped the positioning at some point - a few years ago the list was exactly where you last selected a course. Nowadays it always moves to the top. Now that is what I call a true nuisance (and it’s most probably just a small bit of code or even the removal of a code-line)!

But I’m digressing. As with most things, whether or not a learning session leaves you with fully learned items or with “half-learned” ones should really be a per-user-setting which means that we’ll probably never see it. :wink:


The continue learning button is exactly the same as the big yellow button on the Learn tab which has been there for years, it just has a different label, as our testing showed users found a big single button useful. So it can offer any mode, if you want to select a specific mode there is the same ode selector button on the learn tab there has always been, and you can of course select any level to learn from on the Learn tab.
I’m quite saddened you have only just noticed the Learn tab, it’s ben that way for about 18 months and having tab navigation at the bottom of an app screen is a very standard design pattern across apps and we’d hoped no one would have a problem with it.
But the new version of Memrise has a new homescreen which improves on all this, so we won’t unfortunately be making any changes to the current version.

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Many thanks for your comments Olaf.
We don’t want it messy.

Actually now that I’ve found that the link at the bottom takes me to a list of levels, I am happy.

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Many thanks for your reply and comments James.

As I’ve just said, now that I’ve found that the “Learn” at the bottom always takes me straight to the screen with levels (and is different to the “Continue Learning”) and then I can tap the level or the 3x3 yellow box if necessary, I’m perfectly happy.

I had discovered the learn at the bottom and was going back and tapping it if the “Continue Learning” had given me a review session of a fully grown (ie Flower) item.

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