Update: Timeline for removing community courses from the Memrise website

(Kevin Memrise) #1

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on the timeline for removing community-created courses from the Memrise website.

We had planned to remove community-created courses from the Memrise website around about now so that all community course learning on web would be on Decks. Part of this plan was to fix various bugs, many of which you flagged to us (thanks again).

We haven’t fixed as many as of the bugs we planned to so far as we’ve been busy with the Memrise rebrand. We’d like Decks to be high quality before it becomes the official home of community learning, so instead of removing community-created courses from the Memrise website now, we’ve decided to instead wait a few months and fix the remaining bugs on Decks. Then, once the Decks mobile app launches and is in a good place, we’ll remove community-created courses from the Memrise website and the Memrise mobile app at the same time.

We started working on the Decks mobile app a few weeks ago (exciting times!) and we’re targeting a launch in the summer. So community-created courses will move over fully from Memrise to Decks shortly after that.

Thanks for your patience, let me know if that makes sense and if you have any questions.

We’ll keep you updated on our progress and I’ll be able to share more details of the Decks mobile app soon.

Courses in English cannot be found with different language setting
Update: Decks mobile app!
(Olaf Rabbachin) #2

That does sound relieving, thanks!

(UX/User Research @ Memrise) pinned #3


Thanks for the update.

Please can you clarify how many versions (releases) there will be before community courses are removed from Memrise.


a) will there only be one version based on bugs already reported


b) will there be one (or more) updated versions be released which we can then thoroughly test before the final switch over

(Thawrea) #5

I have returned to Memrise Decks after some time and I am excited by the changes. Yes, I left some ideas in the suggestions thread, but overall, I love Decks being separate and am looking forward to using the website and app. It actually feels a bit like returning to the original Memrise Beta I used to love. Thanks!

(Kevin Memrise) #6

Hi @Senior_Tradesmen57 I expect there will be several releases of the Decks mobile app before we move everyone over - we won’t do that until we’re confident it’s stable.

(Lydia9) #7

So relieved that we have more time to use the current Memrise, thank you! With exams coming up over the next couple of months I was so worried and stressed about teething problems that might flag up if we had no community access to the Memrise that works so well and we’re all familiar with and we had to use something new and buggy. I’m sure there must be people with exams across the country and further afield who may be in a similar position, at school and univeristy. I have lots of word documents with hyperlinks to specific words and phrases for different exam papers that were copied and pasted from Memrise and it would have taken so long to copy them all across, or I might not have got through them all and they might have been mostly deleted (which was another big worry). Thank you thank you thank you, and please consider keeping Memrise community content throughout exam season (I think A Levels finish by the end of July, well after final uni exams)!

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(DW7) #8

THANK YOU - for adding the “PAUSE” button (together with the “Save and Exit” option) on the web Decks. And it takes you correctly to the course intro page not one’s own home page :smile:

@kevin5284 @MemriseSupport @frabcus_memrise

See > Need Pause/Save During Review <

PS - It now actually takes you correctly to the course LEVEL page :+1:

Need Pause/Save During Review
(Enrique Mv) #9

Where do I go then to create courses?

(Amanda Norrsken) #10

Here’s an answer I wrote to someone with the same problem:


another user trying to create courses, but not knowing how to do it, and having to make the extra trip here, create an account and so on, just to have this one question answered.

I am sorry to sound miffed, but this is getting really old.

@kevin5284, @MemriseOwen, @MemriseMatty, @frabcus_memrise, just tagging as many people as possible, basically, in the hope that something will get done.

(DW7) #11

Hi @MemriseSupport,

Perhaps until the Contributor courses are removed from MemRise, you could add button that says “Create a Course” but link directly to the Decks area. :wink:

(Olaf Rabbachin) #12

Confirmed to be considered here.

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