[Update] Suspending Bio fields

This is an update on our bio field, which we announced was suspended in November of last year.

After some consideration we’ve decided that bio fields will remain private, taking into account the benefit of them being public versus the time and energy of moderating them (they were used by spammers to share inappropriate content).

Thanks for your patience.

Best wishes,

The team at Memrise

that means, “invisible”?, “deleted”?

yeap, was to be expected… I think the measure is inappropriate. For a tiny percent of inappropriate content make alll other users to “empty shields”. Many drivers drink and drive, lets forbid driving…


what do you mean private? they are not existing at all … and what about the mems and the likes for mems… what will you do with the mems???

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Well, thanks for at least finally telling us straight up. Anyone who’s been watching how Memrise operates over the past few years shouldn’t be surprised by this news. This kind of thing clearly isn’t a priority anymore.

I already gave my own opinion on the matter here, so I won’t bother again. No sense in talking to a brick wall anymore.

I will say though that ‘private’ bio fields are about the most useless things in the world, like business cards you can’t give to anyone. :roll_eyes:


Why do Memrise employees habitually try to fool their customers and users and state things that are obviously false?

As the other posters have already stated, there is no bio field in our user profile anymore, with no possibility for us to add one, not even a so-called “private” one. So why do you misstate the facts to everyone and say that it’s still there and private, when the whole world can see that it’s not there?

Do those of you who work for Memrise and do this habitually have no self respect at all? Does your own personal reputation and credibility have no value to you?

Edited to add:

What’s even more troubling is the violation of your users’ trust.

The users who put data in the bio field did so with the understanding that they could edit it or delete it at will. But now you have without any warning removed the users’ ability to see, edit, or delete the information that they previously entered in your system, yet you imply that the information that they entered is still there in your internal systems. What lawful right do you have to retain this information after removing it from the users’ control?


why don’t you make bio available for people who follow you or whom you follow … howboutthat?


sorry the reply was for bea not you o_O

would take about 30 min to code into the site too.

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I too think this is sad.

My comment was posted here Bio field will be suspended starting today

I too don’t understand this @BeaTrisy :

I can’t see my private bio nor access it.

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That would only be true if they stopped processing refunds.

I’m not a law expert, but I don’t think they are obligated as such. Not sure how that would be handled for people outside the UK. What are you going to do? And no one can force you to refund money that you don’t have. So if they are refunding money, I take it things are going ok. The reality is that Memrise is ran by a handful of idiots at the top. They replaced the well known European standard of A1, A2 etc with just 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. This told you exactly what level you should be around and or what level you are getting to. The design is atrocious. The purple for instance is distracting in a bad way. Just pure bland and boring. Everything is made to cator children and sensitive people, hence we have worthless chat bots, and no memes. What made memrise great was that it was way more serious and rewarding than Duolingo with potential for so much more. Now they are racing to be dumber than Duo.

Oh well. User created content is still here which is why I am still here. But it seems they are keen on 1984 style lock down just like the UK itself is strangely enough.

PS: Also wtf was that Batman stuff for a while? Is that still going on?

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using such expressions and feeling “superior”?

I don’t really have any idea what you are trying to say. I’m superior? They are?

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she got lost in translation

This company is going to shit. Constantly removing features, no creative solutions to perceived issues, and slow development (is there much that REALLY changed in 6 years since I joined?").


yes, it is going to shit like all companies who started with pc bullshit … removing memes because it is offensive … removing bios because they are offensive … banning people from this forum because they offended other users … and not to mention the fact that they try to make it easier and easier to attract dumb people as welll… angry admins on this forum … i was disrespected by an admin and received agry messages and threatened to be banned forever thou i am a paying member and i think i am right when i complain about the retarded updates … so many times i see people reporting issues on here … and being ignored… horrible way to treat users…


Memrise was a delightful site when I first started. Users were really helpful to each others and admin was friendly and replied promptly to enquires. It was like a big happy family. All that is long gone. Something great has been destroyed. I’m just glad I knew it in its glory days.


I cannot help but agree @Fronika - despite the doubtless loads and loads of work and money that goes into the site and apps I feel that the actual usefulness of the site is declining (or I’m simply not target audience anymore).
This used to be a Wiki-style, community based learning environment, now I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be - ?
I’m simply waiting for it to degrade so far down the wrong path that it’s not usful anymore for me… a shame, really.


Not surprised memrise is getting worse day by day no useful features at all it’s just VERY FIXED there are tons of features that should be included for their members but they won’t listen. No way to contact courses’ makers/ there are no profile adjustments/no app improvements. Probably gonna deactivate.


@bffc6b5d110d4f370d76 What would you top-3 features that would make your Memrise-life better? :smile:
BTW: why do you have such a long and random looking screen name? Or is there actually some logic to it? :grin: