Update: Decks mobile app!

(No.8) #23

Agree with everyone else, thank you for listening to your users Memrise Team. Excellent work!

I don’t need Pro, nor app, since I sit at my desktop all day, but I will continue subscribing to support you.

Thanks :smile:

(Stephen Escher) #24

Thank you, so much! It’s great to finally hear an announcement that indicates that you are listening to the community. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better than what you were going to do. So, I’ll certainly give it a chance.

(Assaji) #25

Such a relief! thank you so much, this is great news :slight_smile:

(khx333) #26

Thank you!

(Cloudlake) #27

Awesome news! Thank you! Looking forward to the app!

(Kanjianer) #28

Even though I didn’t really learn with Memrise on mobile I am really happy that it will be an option and that all the people which need it are getting it now. A very good decision.

(Gattina Nera) #29

Kudos to Memrise for listening to the users. I cancelled my renewal because of the Decks fiasco but I will be happy to renew in the future once the Decks app and offline mode are available.

(Frank00) #30

Thank you to Memrise for this decision!

(Chiacchierone) #31

YAY thank you so much! :smile:

(Vikestart) #32

Best news I’ve heard in a while. :slight_smile: Definitely shows that the staff is listening. I was happy even before this announcement just having heard that our concerns were taken into consideration, and even more happy now that it produced what we have been begging for.

Thank you, this makes me more relaxed going forward as well. :slight_smile:

(Lewie Hayes) #33

Nice one Memrise, very honourable decision. I personally only use Desktop, but glad to see people now have what they’ve been asking for :slight_smile:

(Relliot2) #34

This is excellent news. Thank you so much for listening to the community. I look forward to seeing the new website and app for decks. If everything goes smoothly, I will gladly continue to pay for this service. Best of luck.

(Jack Loo85) #35

Thank you Memrise, thanks for listening to your community and taking in our feedback. I for one will keep up my pro subscription based on this

(Jeffyb7) #36

Yay! Thanks for listening!

(Matt ) #37

Big thank you to the Memrise team for hearing us out. This gives users who have completed your official beginner courses an incentive to keep their pro subscription.

(Linguiniii) #38

Thank you. Decks announcement would collect the most dislikes if such option existed. This topic may well collect the most likes in Memrise history.

(Eunsung) #39

This is fantastic news. When I see the finished product, I will definitely reconsider my Pro cancellation.

I hope that when the separate Decks app is launched, your firm will fully embrace the simplicity of this fantastic product. It needs some degree of maintenance to continue to function over OS upgrades, etc., and a few bug fixes (why is it so hard to successfully mark/unmark a word “difficult”?), but not much else.

Ziggy, farm vs. space metaphors, new features… these are not needed, as far as I’m concerned. Literally, just leave it alone and let the money roll in.

(Aibyouka Chan) #40

I still don’t understand the separation in the first place and I’m not thrilled, but this is better.

(40 Shades of Green) #41

Great news but a little too late for me, I’m afraid. I’ve cancelled my Pro subscription and switched to Anki. Good luck everyone, hope you continue to enjoy your learning.

(Richard San) #42

Great news! I will consider starting my pro subscription again :slight_smile: