Update: Decks mobile app!

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Hi all, I wanted to give you an update on our investigation of having a mobile app for Decks.

As mentioned before, we heard your frustration about not being able to learn community courses on an app with offline mode anymore. Thanks again for your comments here and for those who came to our office to discuss it with us. This sparked us to revisit our analysis of mobile learning on community-created courses and assess what it would take to build a mobile app for Decks, which we’ve been doing over the past few weeks.

And it’s good news! After weighing this up, we’ve decided to build a Decks app for iOS and Android. I think we’ve eventually landed in a good place and hope you’ll join us in celebrating that :tada:

In terms of how the Decks app will work:

  • It will work essentially the same way as the Memrise app for community course learning
  • It will contain offline mode, which you’ll be able to use if you’re a Memrise subscriber
  • Like the Decks website, you’ll be able to use your Memrise details to log into the Decks app and all your progress will be retained and moved across.
  • Until the Decks mobile app launches, you’ll be able to carry on learning community-created courses in the Memrise app as you do now.

I don’t have launch dates to share yet, but I’ll post regular updates here.

Like I said before, we’re trying to become better at listening and having open dialogue with you our users. I think Decks marks a new start in this and hope you’ll join us.

Last but not least, on Monday the Decks website will go live. I’ll start a new thread then with more details, it would be great to get your early feedback on it!


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Now that’s very good news indeed - this actually made my day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
So let me say thank you very much for listening to us!

Can you provide any information about how long the app will still be able to access community courses, i. e. when you plan to actually end the beta phase (or at least plan to do so)?

(Holly Gates22) #6

Wonderful news! Thanks for reading our comments and listening to our use cases. As is obvious from the threads here, we all love what we get from memrise and are passionate about learning in the ways that work for us. I appreciate your willingness to reconsider previously made plans and look forward to a future where memrise continues to be part of my daily life.

(Kissupcheon) #7

I am so happy! I am gonna cancel my 1-star comment on Google play now :smiley:

(Christiane Schmitz70) #8

That’s wonderful news! I am so relieved and happy now! Now I can just continue all my beloved courses on Memrise - and if all continues well, start some more in the future!

(Adrian) #9

Sorry, but this is too late for me. I’ve already taken my business elsewhere, so please forgive me for that. Regardless, I am glad that you addressed and resolved the mobile app situation. For what it’s worth, my confidence in Memrise has somewhat been restored. I will check out the Decks app whenever it’s up and possibly make it my main learning platform in the future.

(Hombre_sin_nombre) #10

This is a good news about Decks app, but how you did it is awful nevertheless. You could save us all, including yourselves, a lot of trouble just asking more questions and doing diligent research beforehand.

The question is: are you planning to develop this product or you will leave Decks for good as it is?


Thanks very much for this update @kevin5284. This will be good news for many people.

I noticed that all my courses became available on the new beta version of the android app today. Previously, I could only access one (Memrise-created) course.

I’m starting to warm to the new version and, personally, am glad to see the removal of the space travel theme - which didn’t have a natural relationship with the flower planting and growing metaphor.

Looking forward to seeing the Decks website on Monday, as it is likely to be where I will be spending most of my [Memrise] time.

(Ltkaitana) #12

This is fantastic news! Thank you for listening to your community on this matter. I’m ecstatic to know my learning can continue unhindered.

(Phillip Bennett76) #13

Great news. I just hope the mobile app will be ready by the end of March. I need to learn Russian ASAP for a trip in May and I need the app to keep studying without any interruption.

(Olivia Zavala) #14

You’ll be able to keep on learning your courses in the Memrise app while we launch the Decks app! So your uninterrupted Russian learning is safe.

(Scmelville) #15

Great stuff - delighted to hear this. Thanks for the update Kevin. I would suggest trying to publicise this on Twitter or using that email list that went out with the original announcement.

(Houssam Alissaed) #16

Massive thank you to @edcooke @kevin5284, and the rest of the Memrise team for listening to our views and keeping this wonderful community app going. Absolutely delighted at this news, and at your decision to make a Decks app!

A big thank you as well to the folks who attended the Memrise meeting on the 7th March - was really good to meet other users as well as the Memrise team, and it just goes to show it’s always a good idea to make your views and opinions heard. The Memrise team also showed a fantastic willingness to engage with the community and exchange ideas above any beyond the immediate issue of the Decks app. I for one would be happy to attend any future meetings to share ideas and offer feedback.

Great job everybody!

(Phillip Bennett76) #17

That’s great!!! Thank you

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Wonder how many customers you lost before that (at least 1: me), but that’s good news overall. Will take long time before I maybe buy a new Pro-membership though.

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #20

Thank you Memrise for listening to us and deciding to go with an app and offline. This was my biggest concern not having those two options.

(Fisher Lanham55) #21

Awesome stuff. Thanks so much for listening to feedback. Looking forward to a long future of using Memrise products, but especially an app created especially for the community created courses !!


(Bigheadjer) #22

Thank you so much for being responsive to user feedback and for listening to your user base. Thank you also to all the users who were able to attend the feedback session in your offices and presented our case so convincingly.

This could all have been avoided with better community outreach right from the start, but I am happy that we have reached a happy compromise. I was one who immediately cancelled my Pro subscription when I received the announcement email but I’m now cautiously optimistic and will wait to see what the subscription tiers are for Decks/Memrise.

I am very happy and willing to pay for Decks for the app and the servers to be maintained.

Thank you again!