Unlocking Japanese Chatbots

After coming back to Memrise, and finding out I was almost complete with the old Japanese 1 course, I decided to go Pro and start the newer Japanese 1 course, since they had chat/grammar bots.

I’ve complete up to Japanese 1 Level 6, and don’t have any chatbots yet. Are they unlocked while going through the course, or do you need to complete up to a certain point to even see that there are chatbots in that course?

If they need to be unlocked, a great feature to think about would be let their icon (either faded out or grey) show up, but if the user hasn’t completed the required levels, when they click on it, let the user know “This chatbot requires level’s 1-10 to be complete” or “Level 10+ Required”. Just something to let the user know that there is something there, but they need to keep studying.

Hello @Chrisaddorisrex,

Thank you for your question, and thank you for upgrading to Pro membership. Could you tell me in which language you are learning Japanese? Unfortunately, we have not yet caught up with uploading the chats for some languages, I’m very sorry…

Thank you also for your suggestion for adding notice functions. We are definitely looking into that now! Clearer communication is an important action item for us at the moment, and we hope to improve it as soon as possible.


I am learning English -> Japanese, I am using the official Memrise course (dark purple sakura flower image), and am currently on level 8 of Japanese 1. I believe there are chatbots for this language, but just wasn’t sure at what level they become available, or I had maybe accidentally started the wrong course.

So, any idea when the Japanese chatbots will be available???

Hi @NihonDaisuki,
I’m sorry for the wait, you should see them now if you log out and log in again:slight_smile: Thank you!



Hi Kanatsumoto
how I can I access chatbot for Japanese 1? I have completed the course and saw the ‘A little about you’ option between lvls 5 and 6 but every time I have clicked on the icon I have been presented with ‘Request failed: internal server error 500” I logged out and in again on my iPad but now the icon has disappeared. It is still on my iPhone with the same error message but I have not logged out on the iPhone.

Hi @fiveanimals,

That is actually a chat that has been removed, and it was a bug that it kept showing up. Since now we have removed that bug, in the latest version that chat should not show. But it should still give you the chat icon… so it is weird it’s not showing for you on iPad anymore. If you are registered for Pro version, you should have access to all the chats available on Japanese courses through the chat icon on the home screen. Could you update the app on your iPad and check? Thank you!


Hi KanaTsomoto

Ok I have just updated to latest version but there still is no chat available that I can see. My son and I both have pro versions but we have never been able to access chat and figured we would eventually unlock it, until I noticed the feature yesterday (but couldn’t use it as mentioned in initial post)

Could you possibly tell me when we should expect to see it?

Hi @fiveanimals,

I am very sorry for the delay on my side.

Could you tell me which Japanese course you are on and what language you are learning Japanese through?
This is usually your phone language, so if you have your phone set in US English, you should be learning Japanese through US English. Some of our courses do not have chats, but if you are either using US English or UK English, you should be able to see the chats on the home screen as long as you are on Memrise official Japanese courses. Please see screenshot for the chat icons.

The icons should appear on both iPhones and iPads.


Hi, Is the chatbot for Japanese course (in english) supposed to be working? I cannot access it.

Hi @HugoVieiradeOliveira
They shouldn’t appear anymore. However, there are old legacy courses out there that may still have that feature.