Unlocked on one device but not on my other

I use two devices for Memrise on my first device everything i can go through the courses just fine but on my second device everything is locked how can I change that so I can use Memrise on my second device too

What devices are you talking about? I think this post would be better in one of the bugs forums, but I don’t know whether you are using Android or iOS.

If you tell me what kind of devices you are using, I can move the thread to the appropriate forum, or you could repost it there yourself.


I downloaded it first on the android and had no problem then I got an iPhone then logged on with the same account and everything was locked I can’t do anything unless it on my Android even though I don’t use it anymore and now that I she an iPhone

From what I gather, memrise and iPhones and iPads don’t really get along :frowning:

Second question: I take it you are doing a Korean course, seeing as you posted this in the Korean section of the Decks forum? Can you post a link to the course you are doing? That is usually helpful for the tech people.