Unlimited Memrise Reviews?

Hello, I’m in the middle of completing a community created course and I noticed that once I’ve finished all of my classic reviews, the button to do classic reviews disappears and I can only “learn new words”. I greatly enjoy trying to reach the top of the weekly leaderboard for my study motivation so I was wondering what happens when I can no longer “learn new words” after I’ve finished all the words of the course and have no more classic reviews due. Is there an option for completed courses to continue to review words endlessly (to raise my score for the weekly leaderboard) or do I simply have to wait for the classic reviews to naturally become due in time again? Thank you so much for your help!

Hmm I have never seen the classic review button disappearing… It has never happened to me before. I dont think that should happen. On my new course I have learnt all my words and i can always review. Maybe you should report to the Memrise FAQ.

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Hello @JaLearner and welcome to the forum!

You can always click/tap the “three dots” button and then start any type of session.

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@SalvationThroughChri @Olaf.Rabbachin Thank you both so much! I use the iPhone app. Maybe it was some kind of display or refresh bug that one time I finished all of my reviews. I gave it a second attempt and finished all of my due reviews again after reading your replies and this time the option to continue to do classic reviews did not disappear from the menu.

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The review feature on the iOS version of the app works differently to the Android app and the Memrise web versions. As Olaf said above, on the Android and web versions, it is possible to do as many extra reviews of learned words as you want by tapping or clicking on the three dots (web) or nine dots (Android app) and then selecting “Classic review”. On the iOS app, you don’t get the dots. Instead, you get the different coloured boxes (“Download course”, “Turn on reminders”, etc) and, below these, you either get the blue buttons for “Listening skills”or “Review” etc with a number showing, if there are words due for review under Memrise’s Spaced Repetition System (SRS) or you see a blue box that says “Nothing to review yet, come back later”. The iOS version doesn’t let you do extra reviews. You are tied to the SRS review periods and have to wait for these to come around.

In the example you mention in your last post, it was probably just a coincidence that some other words became due for review while you were doing the Classic Review and that’s why the blue review button showed again on the course dashboard.

Hope this helps.


Np I like helping ppl.

I’m surprised the three systems haven’t been aligned.

You could do a review in a browser on your phone.
I know it’s a bit small at times, but I use it to find courses (either by the ‘sort’ drop-down “Filter Results” or search for another course) starting it, and then going to the App as they will then be at the top of my list.

Np glad it helped.