Unique choice answers: a big handicap in memrise

Hello everyone, Hello memrise team!
As a course creator and learner on this platform, I think that unique choice questions are a big handicap. Maybe, it is not obvious in languages courses, but you really feel this handicap when creating medical courses for example, where you need multiple choice answers…I think that memrise can make a huge step forward if it considers this suggestion. I don’t know if it is easy to make such changes (I am a total ignorant in programming), but please think about it.

Thanks for reading and considering this request.

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Personally, I would much rather have no multiple choice questions in modes other than speed mode.

We are not talking about the same thing…memrise - as it is now - offers only unique choice questions. It would be great if they offer also multiple choice questions, that was my suggestion…

that means that the learner should choose for example the answers “a” and “c” and “d”. If he only chooses one correct answer, it would be considered a wrong answer.

Let’s give an example in pharmacology:
NSAIDS contra-indications are:
1- pregnancy
2- gastro-intestinal bleeding
3- thyroïd disease
4- gout
5- kidney disease
6- uncontrolled hypertension

correct answers are 2 and 5 and 6.

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With a little effort, you can recreate that question to push for memorization/recall which is stronger that passive recognition. For your example, create 3 questions.

Q1a - NSAIDS contra-indications are: gastro-intestinal bleeding, kidney disease, and ________.
A1a - uncontrolled hypertension

Q1b - NSAIDS contra-indications are: gastro-intestinal bleeding, uncontrolled hypertension, and _______.
A1b - kidney disease

Q1c - NSAIDS contra-indications are: kidney disease, uncontrolled hypertension, and ________.
A1c - gastro-intestinal bleeding

Obviously, if there are more indications then include those and expand the questions to encompass those.

Remember, the big thing about SRS is memorization. To be effective, SRS should test on single point of failure items. It should not test memorization of entire lists or paragraphs, instead breaking them down to bite size portions.

There are variant methods with regards to Repetition/Reminders but I doubt there’s much in medical you’ll worry about for that type of system.


Oh, sorry, I misunderstood. Now that it is more clear, it sounds like it would be a great feature.

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Thanks for your suggestion, but I still think it’s only a temporary solution. Personally, I am not enthusiastic about creating questions like these, especially that there is a lot of material to memorize and programming could get around this problem; and it seems time- and energy-consuming (I think that my PC (or my wrist) will be broken before.
I also agree that single memorization is easier than multiple memorization, but it does not mean that multiple memorization is impossible, it will require much time for sure, but it’s okay… It seems to me that if you learn by single items, you won’t be able to recall all the items (related to the same topic) when needed…Well, I am not a brain specialist, and I don’t know if there are any scientific studies about this issue. Anyways, I hope that the “memrise team” wil respond to this suggestion.

Thanks for your support!

Does anyone know about an application/website that supports multiple choice questions? Thank you!