Unclickable Survey

After finishing my course on the Web app, I saw this weird bar:

When I inspect the code, it looks like a survey:


I’ve seen surveys a few months ago and they looked good.

As a side note, it does not make sense to ask if we would recommend Memrise to learn grammar because the Web app does not have grammar lessons :wink:

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@lurkmoophy: have you seen this?

Looking into it now :slight_smile:


I should mention that I highlighted the grammar question, but I guess the active question was the vocab one because the class of its parent div is “nps-question”, whereas the other questions are “nps-question hidden”.

Ah yep! Good spot!

A bit of history trivia here… I was the one who put this survey in a few years back and we put the question in about grammar to get some data about whether people learnt grammar by learning phrases, or whether they needed explicit grammar lessons. We realised pretty quickly it was too simplistic a survey to get that data, but the code is still in there! Although, to be fair, I think it’s going to be removed pretty soon because we’re rewriting this whole screen from scratch as part of the Labs work we’re doing :slight_smile: