Unable to set daily goal on new course

When I start a new course there is no button to set a daily goal, so I have to do it from Memrise instead.

I just checked - the button is there, it’s just in a different spot.
On your start page, look at the upper right hand side of the course, to the left of the trophy icon.

Here’s a screenshot (albeit in German):

I have some courses that show the button to set the daily goal and others that do not show.

Below I put an example of each:

Link of these 2 courses:

I noticed that this is happening with courses that have a large title, and the title covers the location of the button. @Kevin5284, could you check this out?


Exactly what I thought. I bet this is another result of the CSS flaws that seem to be all over the Decks website.

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I to had this problem and can confirm that if you just inspect element and delete (or shorten) the course title the option to set goals appears again. So its some bad CSS.

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Your answer doesnt seem to help me. I cannot find the button for my daily goal, and changing the title of the course doesnt help.
One course shows the button, all my others dont.
This course works:
And for example this course doesnt: https://decks.memrise.com/course/2070623/marokaans/

I was actually referring to Memrise, not Decks. I just checked with Decks. There, I have an “Edit goal” button for each course that shows up in the Dashboard: