Unable to increase number of words per review session

On my android phone (Motorola G8) I’m unable to actually increase the number of words per speed review session. Even when I change them in settings, once I go to do a review it only gives me ten words. I would like to have more.

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Thank you for reporting this, we have raised a bug report.

I cannot change any learning settings (number of words per learning session, reviewing session, speed review session) on both my android devices (Galaxy Tab S7, Xiaomi Redmi Note 7).

The problem seemed to be resolved in the latest version of the app. But actually the fearure still works incorrectly: I can change the number of words per learning session in the Settings (from 3 to 10 in my case). But when I close and then re-open the app, the number of words is automatically set to 5 (whatever the settings show), and I need to change it again manually.

Some more info about the problem on Android: my "count of words to be learned " is always set to 3, I do change it, but will always revert back to 3.

When starting the app, the first learning session will now be 5 words though. Going back into the settings, I’ll see the setting still equals 3 despite of those 5 words learned right before accessing the settings.
“Reconfirming” the setting to 3 will then result in all subsequent learning sessions correctly going through 3 words again. This also remains true if I terminate the app and restart it.

However, the next day, I’ll be back on 5 words and the whole story begins again.

I’m using the “classic version”.

Today I noted that, despite of my having set the count of words for both review types to 50 each, it went for more than that (can’t say exactly how many as I only had some 60 up for review).

Thus, as it seems, the Android app currently doesn’t “fetch” personal settings from the server. Instead, it probably uses whatever is the default, hence 5 words per learning session and (probably) 100 for reviews.

Going into your settings and opening the corresponding dropdowns and re-selecting your own setting will work around the issue, albeit only for what seems to be a limited time.

@MemriseSupport and @James_g_memrise are you guys reading this at all?

I had my browser review set to 25 and my android tablet and phone both set to 50 for review. Both androids set themselves back to 10 for reviewing. I changed them back to 50, and my review through the browser (firefox) switched from 25 to 50. I think I like the browser better that way.

My thought was that it might be related to reports that there were issues with browser learning and android learning not always matching.

It seems to work normally today (I have yet to check it on both devices), thanks for fixing.