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Hi guys,
Do we have any update for “bug acttack” now? And how long will “Create Course” back to normal ?
Web noted: “Course creation is temporarily disabled, check https://community.memrise.com/ for updates”


You can create courses on Decks, just like you used to be able to on memrise.


You will see this at the top of the page:

See the blue button on the right-hand side? That’s where you go to create courses now. You can still edit on memrise, but course creation is still disabled and probably won’t return as community courses will be moved to Decks at some point.


Great to hear that. Thank you.

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Hi all,

FYI the “Create a course” button on memrise.com now redirects to Decks. :slight_smile:

You can read more about this here :point_right: Course creation on Memrise now redirects to Decks

Memrise team.

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When you try to create a course, how far are you getting before things go wrong? Are you following the guidance notes in the FAQs?

If you could explain some of the things that are happening, I will try to help you.

Course creation was disabled for a while due to a bot attack (yes, internet is nasty nowadays), but I was enabled so try again.