Unable to Create Courses on Mobile

(SKKreativ) #1

If Memrise is separating community created courses, I would assume the website and soon to be app would make it possible for users to easily create courses straight from their devices rather than having to login on the computer to do it. I would be disappointed to see features like this overlooked. As a course creator, I endeavour to have features like;

  • Quick accessibility to edit and add content into the database.
  • A way users can supply feedback on my content, for example the old forum option memrise use to have on the website or users can report or even like/dislike the content in courses.
  • The ability to upload image mems.
  • Ability to upload audio files to the database etc.

I would be interested to hear from others if these would be useful for yourself as a course creator. I would also be interested in hearing other features you would like to see in the new Decks app.

Kind Regards.

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