Unable to complete two courses


I’ve been using Memrise both on desktop (with Chrome) and through the Android app, and I’ve recently run into an issue: two courses, German 1 and German 2, are marked as unfinished, but using the “Learn new words” option on them yields the following error message:


In addition, when looking at the details of the courses, certain levels — levels 4 and 15 in German 1 and level 2 in German 2 — appear to be missing.

Hopefully this is fixable without restarting the courses altogether.


Hi @GLParis :slight_smile:

This is a known bug and is scheduled to be fixed. You can follow the subject through the link:


Thanks for the answer! I thought I’d looked at all the bug reports that could be relevant but evidently not. :sweat_smile: Glad to hear the issue is being worked on!

Edit: It turns out the grammar option for those courses is still available on the app; I’ve simply completed the ‘grammar items’ there, and now the course is correctly marked as finished in the web version.

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I am still facing this issue.