Unable to complete the [ "Portuguese (Brazilian) 1" ] course

I cannot manage to complete this course. Apparently, I only have one word left to learn (208/209), but I keep getting a 404 HTTP status when I attempt to learn the missing word.
Thank you very much in advance for any lead you may provide on this scenario.


someone already posted it

Hi guys.

I’m really sorry for not replying to you sooner.
I’ll take a look at that tomorrow. That’s already in my to-do list!

Thanks and happy learning!

Team Memrise

Hello @rahigrim, @Atikker, @sircemloud and all,

I’ve taken a look at the course here and it seems it now has 208 words instead of 209.
Maybe a word was deleted over the last weeks after you guys started the course, so it might be leading to this error.

Could you please try to log out and log in again in Memrise (app and web) and see if the number of words is fixed? For those who completed the course, it should be 208/208 (and XXX/208 for anyone who is currently studying it).

If this does not solve the problem, let me know and I will forward the question to the technical team.

I am at your disposal.