Unable to add picture to new mem

This old bug has reappeared today. Getting the “Whoops” message when trying to add an image (even an image previously accepted for a different mem).


Same with me – been happening for a week or so.

Hi @JBorrego,

I’m ‘bumping’ this one because the bug still needs fixing, please.


Hi @alanh,

Thanks for reporting this. We’ve created a ticket and we’ll prioritise it accordingly.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Hi there,

I’m using Memrise for learing English but when I tried to upload pics to my course, “upload a picture” next I select picture (jpg,png… etc) and woops! … and nothing

(I tried firefox, chrome, ms explorer in PC with win10, and android chrome, or brave)

am I making a mistake? where?


I just tried it on my ‘test’ course and got the same “whoops” message but the picture (png pic using chrome) uploaded ok anyway. Are yours definitely not uploading?

It’s clearly a bug of some sort.


I’ll tag @MemriseSupport and @lurkmoophy so they can see into this.

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I tried with some audio (it works to same: I uploaded > woops! > reload page, and works) but with some pictures nothing… (I have only 3 buttons “OK” in woops!, and In "creating a Mem for: Cancel (wokrs) or Save (not working)


As you will have seen, Olaf has tagged the Memrise people to take a look. It´s strange that I´m getting the “whoops” message but the picture is still uploading, though.

While we wait for the Memrise guys, I have added you as a contributor to my ´simple ´test´ course. What happens if you try to add an image to it? Do you get the same response you had with your course? Just use any picture. If it uploads, I can delete it later. https://www.memrise.com/course/1783683/cars-test-course/

A similar bug occured a few days ago when adding pictures to mems.


Hi, alanh
I tried your test course. It works fine in your database (yes, everytime write whoops) but uploaded pictures corect.

but if you just want to preview (level I > option > preview > help me remember this > + add a mem > upload any picture = WHOOPS)

Hi mato_amdg,

Thanks. Yes, there seems to be a link between the bug that is preventing pictures from being added to mems and the one that is causing the “Whoops” message to appear when adding pictures to an image-based course.

As you will have seen from their post further up this (merged) thread, the Memrise Support guys are now aware and, hopefully, will give us a fix soon.


Hi @MemriseSupport,

Thanks. The bug has been fixed and it is now possible to add images again to mems and to courses.

Something is still not quite right, though, when adding images to a course. After uploading an image, the ‘upload’ button disappears and doesn’t re-appear. The image has uploaded ok but you have to hit ‘save and continue’, then go back into ‘edit level’ to get the ‘upload’ button back!


Hey alanh,

We’ve done some more bug fixes in this area to how we upload all different kinds of media types (mems, and course editor images and audio). Hopefully, everything is working for you but do let us know if that’s not the case and we’ll add any issues to our bug tracker.



Hi James,

Thanks. The issue with adding images in the course editor is working fine now.