Unable to add picture to new mem

This old bug has reappeared today. Getting the “Whoops” message when trying to add an image (even an image previously accepted for a different mem).


Same with me – been happening for a week or so.

Hi @JBorrego,

I’m ‘bumping’ this one because the bug still needs fixing, please.


Hi @alanh,

Thanks for reporting this. We’ve created a ticket and we’ll prioritise it accordingly.

Best wishes,
Memrise team.


Hi there,

I’m using Memrise for learing English but when I tried to upload pics to my course, “upload a picture” next I select picture (jpg,png… etc) and woops! … and nothing

(I tried firefox, chrome, ms explorer in PC with win10, and android chrome, or brave)

am I making a mistake? where?


I just tried it on my ‘test’ course and got the same “whoops” message but the picture (png pic using chrome) uploaded ok anyway. Are yours definitely not uploading?

It’s clearly a bug of some sort.


I’ll tag @MemriseSupport and @lurkmoophy so they can see into this.

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I tried with some audio (it works to same: I uploaded > woops! > reload page, and works) but with some pictures nothing… (I have only 3 buttons “OK” in woops!, and In "creating a Mem for: Cancel (wokrs) or Save (not working)


As you will have seen, Olaf has tagged the Memrise people to take a look. It´s strange that I´m getting the “whoops” message but the picture is still uploading, though.

While we wait for the Memrise guys, I have added you as a contributor to my ´simple ´test´ course. What happens if you try to add an image to it? Do you get the same response you had with your course? Just use any picture. If it uploads, I can delete it later. https://www.memrise.com/course/1783683/cars-test-course/

A similar bug occured a few days ago when adding pictures to mems.


Hi, alanh
I tried your test course. It works fine in your database (yes, everytime write whoops) but uploaded pictures corect.

but if you just want to preview (level I > option > preview > help me remember this > + add a mem > upload any picture = WHOOPS)

Hi mato_amdg,

Thanks. Yes, there seems to be a link between the bug that is preventing pictures from being added to mems and the one that is causing the “Whoops” message to appear when adding pictures to an image-based course.

As you will have seen from their post further up this (merged) thread, the Memrise Support guys are now aware and, hopefully, will give us a fix soon.


Hi @MemriseSupport,

Thanks. The bug has been fixed and it is now possible to add images again to mems and to courses.

Something is still not quite right, though, when adding images to a course. After uploading an image, the ‘upload’ button disappears and doesn’t re-appear. The image has uploaded ok but you have to hit ‘save and continue’, then go back into ‘edit level’ to get the ‘upload’ button back!