UK English/USA English

Good morning Memrise community!

After not having been on Memrise for a while, I have discovered to my dismay that USA English and UK English are now separated when searching for courses (in the “I speak” section).
There seem to be a million and one forum topics discussing and complaining about this, but I have yet to really find the answer I am looking for:
What am I missing out on?
Which courses “disappear” when you pick one or the other?
Do I have to constantly alternate between the two in order to compare differences with clone courses?
When I create a course, will I have to choose one of the two, and then duplicate my course for the other?
Is there any way to search for BOTH at the same time?

Many ways of asking the same question, I suppose. It just goes to show how frustrating this is…

By the way, are there plans for adding Irish English, Australian English, and South African English? Or is that a little too ridiculous and would not enhance the use of Memrise very much? hinthint